Learning my lesson in the kitchen

This blog post is a review of the Stainless Steel Earth Pan by Ozeri. But before I start, a confession and a bit of background. 

Confession: I have been an idiot all of my adult life. Fact. 

Background: As a child, I never really learnt to cook. That meant that my culinary skills developed at university, where I bought the most basic pots and pans and started to learn the basics of survival cookery. When I bought my own home, I didn’t have the money to buy furniture, let alone pots and pans and even now, I still have some of the pans I used at university, along with some cheap pans that my husband had when we moved in together. So why am I an idiot? Because to this day, I have never invested in a decent pan. And today, I realised my mistake. 

The Stainless Steel Earth Pan by Ozeri is heavy and solid enough to knock my husband out with one swipe if he dares to utter a breath of complaint about my cooking ever again. Better still, it genuinely doesn’t stick (I checked), the non-stick coating will last (it has a a lifetime warranty), and the harmful PFOA chemical often found in cookware is nowhere to be found. 

Owing to having had a baby less than a week ago, I wasn’t up to cooking my usual gourmet delights for dinner last night, so we had to make do with a spaghetti bolognese. As we’ve all been ill, none of us wanted to eat much, so cooking up the sauce in a reasonably large frying pan like the Earth Pan was perfect. Even better, it put the pan to the test.

The first thing I love about this pan is this great little device to stop the non-stick from coming off when other pans are stacked on top of it: 

Do all decent pans have these? If not, they should, it’s a very sensible idea. The next thing I noticed was that when I was cooking, I used a little bit too much oil. With rubbish pans, some of it seems to seep into the pan and I need to use loads to stop the food from sticking. With the Earth Pan, the oil was all for the cooking because it wasn’t needed to stop the stick. As a result, my sauce was a little too oily. This is not a criticism of the pan, it’s a criticism of my cooking and next time, I will know to use notably less oil. So here is the pan: 

And I hope that my little sling passenger for the cooking experience will learn from my mistakes and always buy a decent pan! She certainly looked like she was taking it all in. 

Disclaimer: I was sent a Stainless Steel Earth Pan free of charge to provide an honest review. The views, opinions, terrible cooking and small observers contained in this blog post are all mine. 

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