10 must-haves in a dream kitchen

It’s no secret that our house is in desperate need of a significant amount of TLC. Now that the bathroom is done, the kitchen is next on my list.

I’ll really be starting from scratch because our whole kitchen will have to be ripped out. So, I’ve been researching the current must-haves in a kitchen. Here are my top ten.

1. Flooring

Because the floor in our kitchen is so flipping awful, this is the item that takes pride of place at the top of my list. With the exception of the kitchen, the rest of our downstairs has wooden floors. These are equally awful.

I love the idea of wooden floors, but the practicality with two toddlers, two dogs and a husband on crutches – well, suffice to say the floors are horribly scratched and look dreadful.

But I can’t quite get away from the fact that a well looked after wooden floor or replica wooden floor looks amazing. There are some great ideas in House Beautiful for floors that look like wood but are easier to maintain.

I’d like to do the whole of my downstairs in something like porcelain or vinyl wood-effect flooring so that they look great but don’t get damaged by the chaos of our home.

2. Units

My desire for a replica wooden floor is somewhat of an acquiescence to the fact that I can’t have my ideal home when I have dogs and toddlers.

When it comes to units, I’m fairly certain I could get away with having what I really want – i.e. real wood that is reclaimed and upcycled.

I just love the upcycled units in this excerpt from Home and Garden magazine. We have an old wooden luggage trunk in our living room as a toy box and I’d love to fill the house with similar items.

3. Work surfaces

I’ve noticed that Cultures Southwest interiors blog have published the results of a homeowners’ survey. The survey by Mayfair Granite asked 1000 homeowners to give their favourite feature from different aspects of the home.

When it came to worktops, 39% of people preferred them to be made from granite. I love these Mayfair Granite worktops. I love the Black Storm design. It’s durable but beautifully understated and would go perfectly with my upcycled units.

4. Oven

Deep down, I have to admit I’ve always wanted an Aga. It fits with my dream of a country kitchen, reclaimed units, slow and relaxed cooking – perfect.

In reality, I’d have to have a modern range oven but ideally, I’d like both. I don’t think I could get away with just having an Aga, there are a couple of little people here that wouldn’t have the patience to wait for things to cook.


5. Lighting

I’d love for my kitchen to be properly lit. Don’t get me wrong, I can see but the lighting just isn’t beautiful. I love these ideas for lighting inspiration from the Telegraph.

As with the units, my real dream for lighting would be that it’s reclaimed. I’d love some reclaimed vintage lights as a real feature in the kitchen. I’d probably combine them with some nice, subtle work surface lights.

6. Island

In our old flat, we used to have a breakfast bar. Much like in our current house, the kitchen itself was rubbish. But I loved the convenience of having an island to sit at with a coffee and the paper in the mornings.

Much as I’ve probably got about ten years to wait before I have time to drink a hot cup of coffee, I don’t think it does any harm to plan ahead and create the relaxing environment that I’ll need one day in the future!

7. Baking accessories

I love the idea of having one of these posh food mixers that make baking a simple process. I like the fact that they are beautiful and fashionable as well as practical.

I quite like the look of the top five food mixers from BBC good food, particularly the one designed by Heston Blumenthal. I also know that Kitchenaid mixers are really popular.

At the moment, I’ll have to make do with this model. It’s a bit slow but it doubles as being good company.


8. Hot drinks

I wouldn’t be without some kind of coffee maker. We have a nice Dolce Gusto machine but I actually rarely use it, I just love filter coffee from the cafetiere too much.

When I’ve got more space in my dream kitchen, I’ll have a coffee machine out all the time and make sure there’s always coffee on hand. At least then it’s there for guests (and to look beautiful) even if I stick with my trusty cafetiere.

9. Cold drinks

Obviously, I’ll need a nice big fridge freezer with plenty of space to keep beer and cider chilled. I’ll also need a huge wine rack so that we never run out.

But I’d also rather like a nutribullet for smoothies and juices. We do have a juicer but it takes so much flipping cleaning that I rarely use it.

10. Overall style

As you may have guessed from the rest of the items on my list, my overall kitchen style would be a large country kitchen. I’d love to for it to open out into a huge dining room with a reclaimed oak table where everyone can congregate.

I like the idea of the kitchen being at the heart of the home.  Ideally, the kitchen would be located in a beautiful barn conversion with high ceilings and exposed beams.

But actually, our current house is already in a beautiful area so I’d be just as happy staying here and creating a gorgeous family home.

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Please note, this post was written in collaboration with Mayfair Granite. All views, opinions, current rubbish kitchens, toddler food mixers and future fabulous kitchens are my own.

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