How to use Pinterest to promote your blog

I’ve recently been trying to get my head around using Pinterest to promote my blog. It’s an absolute minefield though and quite frankly, internet searches just confused me even more. Luckily, I’m in the fortunate position to have a good friend who is both a professional photographer and a Pinterest guru.

Melanie Chadd is a photographer based in Perthshire, Scotland. Up until recently she was local to me in Herefordshire and over the years she has taken some of my favourite photos of my family including our pets. She has very kindly agreed to write a guest post for me about how to use Pinterest to promote your blog.

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Mel’s top tips on how to get noticed on Pinterest

I am guilty of getting totally sucked into Pinterest, especially when I am looking for inspiration for photo shoots. For instance, when I wanted to do an urban ballet shoot. I looked up “Urban Ballet” and found pages and pages of images. Just one photograph that I happened to glance at caused me to change my whole brief.

A ballet dancing fox. That is normal, right? Before I knew it, several hours had passed. As a result, here are a couple of shots from this year’s Autumnal photo shoot.

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It’s as easy as that to get side tracked. So, how do we get people’s attention? My first point would be to create original content. Easy? I know we can’t all create ballet dancing foxes or beautiful deer with Autumnal floral crowns, but it can be done.

We all know that children come out with some amazing one liners, so how about using Canva to create your own picture quote? You can use a photograph that you’ve taken yourself or just grab a template and add some text.Interesting facts or tutorials also go down well too.

If you or the children are making something, how about a step by step guide on how you did it, complete with photos? You can take a simple shot of the ingredients or materials you’re using, then one of the mixing or making.

If it is a cake, the obligatory licking the bowl photo should be included (yes even adults – we know you do it too). Of course, you’ll need to take a photo of the the end result in all its glory.

Mel’s top tips on getting your photographs Pinterest ready

  1. Take your time. I know this can be difficult if you are photographing children or even adults with a short attention span! If you prepare for the photo first and then leave placing children into the photo until last, hopefully this should work.
  1. Light. Light. Light. Try and use natural light. This may be difficult indoors during the winter months but even if it is product photography, try to place your subject near to a window and turn the light on. Be aware of where the light is coming from and make sure you are not casting a shadow over your subject.
  1. Don’t use the zoom on your camera. Let your legs be the zoom! If you are using the camera on your phone, the zoom is likely to be lower quality. If you move closer to the subject and fill the frame or screen, your images will remain sharp.
  1. Stage your product. If you have made a cake then show people – we all love to see a piece of cake with a cup of tea on a table. You could even include your view. We want to be there with you. Not all products need to be photographed on a white background so experiment with using props to add interest.
  1. Use a call to action. How many times have you found a great image and there has been a website link in the description? This is a Call to Action. We want people to remember us, see more of what we do and maybe even follow us on social media.

And finally…

You’ve blogged about your amazing cake, taken fabulous photographs and pinned it. Now, make sure people find it. Put a link to the blog post in the Pin description. Then, put it in a Board with a relevant title. This can be as simple as “Cake Board”,  “Homemade Cake” or maybe even “Lifestyle”.

Just to give you an idea of the most popular things people Pin:

Food & Drink

DIY & Crafts

Home Decor

Holidays & Events

If you are a blogger, you will know about scheduling posts and tweets at key times. Pinterest is no exception and you can do it in the same way as the other networks.

Don’t forget, a great photograph is going to be popular wherever you post it, so my photo tips help will help with your Instagram photos too.


17 thoughts on “How to use Pinterest to promote your blog

    1. monsteridNatalie Ray Post author

      Yes, I’ve read lots of tips about vertical photos. My biggest problem is forgetting to bring the big camera out and making do with phone pics. I’ll never learn 😉

  1. Aimee Foster

    This is a fabulous post – the photography tips were so useful and I’ll definitely use them. I love Pinterest but, as you said, I spend so much time just looking at stuff I never actually find the time to create images to pin. I should though. And I love Canva – couldn’t live without it now! x


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