Dear Toddler

Natalie Ray   November 9, 2015   14 Comments on Dear Toddler

Dear toddler,

Every day you’re learning. The world is bright, new and exciting and every day brings new joys and challenges. At the moment, you see everything with curious eyes.

Dear Toddler

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Each leaf, tree, butterfly, cow and tiny ant is a new discovery. Every day is a fresh start and a reason to smile. Each time we see each other, you laugh and I wag my tail to show you how much I love you.

I was there when you took your first few steps. I was so pleased for you but I couldn’t explain. I tried to tell you but nobody realised what I meant.

I see that you too face the same challenge. Your speech is improving so much, now you can shout my name and give me instructions. I love to do as you ask.

But they don’t always understand you and that can be frustrating, I know, I’ve been there too. When you are tired I see you rub  your eyes. When you’re sad or poorly, your eyes leak and you cry.

For me, it’s not so easy. I’ll never be able to tell you what is wrong. And I know you won’t remember when you couldn’t speak, but I hope you’ll treat me with compassion.

When I was a baby like you, a man took me from my mum. He was kind to me at first but then he would leave me at home on my own. I was frightened and teething just like you, so I chewed things.

Soon, the man stopped being kind and I went to another home. I was still a baby and I didn’t stay there for long. That’s when you came along and I moved in with you. We started to explore the world together.

I won’t be a baby for as long as you, when people see me they already think that I am a grown-up. But I’m not, I still have so much energy and I want to play all the time.

As you grow, we will play together more. You’ll soon be bigger than me and in time, I will grow old. I age so much quicker than you because I don’t need to live so long, I don’t have so much to learn.

I know that it is wonderful to be alive. I always greet my friends and loved ones with excitement and enthusiasm even if they’ve only been away for a moment.

I forgive even if I don’t forget, I’ll always love you no matter what so please treat me kindly.

As you get older, you’ll forget what it was like to be excited every time you saw a ball. Even if the ball had only been out of your sight for a moment.

You’ll start to be weighed down by the worries of the world. By technology, school, work and relationships. One day, you might even forget how to be happy.

But if you do, don’t worry because I’m here to remind you. Even if in body I am gone, think of me and you’ll remember what it is to smile just because you’re alive.

Dear Toddler

14 thoughts on “Dear Toddler

  1. Debbie

    Hi Natalie, what a lovely letter (and such a talented dog). Growing up with a pet is something all children should get the chance to do, it’s special and build a special relationship.

    When my daughter was one we got a pup off the streets and when we had to put her to sleep a few months back, my daughter couldn’t remember a time without her round. The same goes for our German Shepherd, who used to run between the children and us when we went on walks, so we knew that when the children disappeared out of sight they were safe and if they ran into problems we’d just follow the dog. Sadly Roxy’s back legs are starting to go, so no more long walks for her, but she still enjoys the run of the garden.

    For sure the bond between a family dog and a little one can be a strong one and I hope your two have many enjoyable years to together.

    Debbie recently posted…Parenting A Child On The Autistic Spectrum…My Profile

    1. monsteridNatalie Ray Post author

      Thank you Debbie. Your dogs sound wonderful, isn’t it great to know that someone trustworthy and reliable has the children’s backs even when we’re not looking? My other dog, Pluto is very, very protective of the children. He won’t let other dogs anywhere near them which can be a pain but I know it’s just because he doesn’t want them to get hurt.xx

    1. monsteridNatalie Ray Post author

      Ah that’s lovely, it’s so lovely to have animals to grow up with. We always had cats too. We lost our cat a few weeks ago and I hate not having her around.x


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