Prezzybox: Review and competition

This week, the girls had a surprise package in the post. They were lucky enough to be asked to review a few products from Prezzybox.comΒ to celebrate the re-launch of their Kid Pundits scheme.

Prezzybox is an online gift store that has something for everyone. It’s really easy to search for a particular item if you know what you want, but you also have the alternative option of looking for ideas based on who you’re buying for.

Kid Pundits is a section on the Prezzybox website where children review one of their gifts. They tell you a little bit about it, what it is and how it works. They also give it a rating out of ten.

Libby and Lia were sent Colour your Own Palace, Fairy Tale Crayons and the Finger Painting Art Set. If you’d like to win your own set of all three of these, you can enter the Rafflecopter at the end of this post.

The fairytale crayons are perfect for young children. Lia in particular found them very easy to hold and loved that she could colour with either end.

Prezzybox Princess creative kit: review and competition

Prezzybox Princess creative kit: review and competition

These crayons are made from plastic rather than wax, which means they don’t end up all over the children’s hands. They are labelled as not suitable for children aged under 3 years old, but I felt happy with Lia using them under my supervision.

There are six colours in the pack, with each crayon having a sweet fairytale design at the top. These were Lia’s favourites and have become her go-to crayons when we get the drawing things out.

The Finger Painting Art Set is a real novelty for both girls. In the set, there are three coloured ink pads, some stamps and some pencil crayons.

The idea is that you press your finger onto the ink pad and dab it onto some paper. Then you use the crayons and the stamps to create characters or pictures. There is even a little story book in the kit that children can complete using their fingerprints and the other resources.

Prezzybox Princess creative kit: review and competition

Prezzybox Princess creative kit: review and competition

The finger painting art set is designed for children aged three years old and over. Lia was a bit too little to want to use the book that came with the kit, but she was delighted to use it on her Colour Your Own Palace.

This was the stand-out item for both girls. Lia played with all of her gifts while Libby was at nursery and when Libby came home and saw them all, she was delighted and they both played together.

If I’m brutally honest, even hubby and I got involved in a bit of colouring on the palace. We are nowhere near completing it though, the girls will be playing with it for weeks.

Prezzybox Princess creative kit: review and competition

Prezzybox Princess creative kit: review and competition

The pieces of the palace are all pre-drawn, but children can decorate it as they want. It comes with a set of felt-tip pens and pieces together without the need for glue or cutting. Even my husband could do it.

If you like the idea of these fabulous gifts for little ones, you can win your own set by filling in the rafflecopter below. One winner will receive all three items. Good luck!

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60 thoughts on “Prezzybox: Review and competition

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    Once up on a time there was a little boy who believed he could turn his mummy to ice.. (story of my life! mini frozen addict now thinks he has magic powers lol)!!

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