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More books!

My last post was about the first four fabulous books that Libby and I received from Campbell Books to review. The other books that we received were the brilliant buggy books and, Libby’s favourite, the Noisy Jungle.  I’m really pleased to be in a position to review some buggy books because I actually have quite strong views on them. Libby adores these London based books about a London Bus and a London Taxi. She has always loved looking at buses and cars and has recently learnt all her colours, so looking at the pictures gives her the opportunity to comment on…

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Busy books!

This week, Libby has been lucky enough to be sent some absolutely gorgeous books to review by Campbell Books. We’ve had a chat about it, and we’ve decided to review them in two separate posts because there are quite a few and we love them all! This first review is about the four “busy” books; Busy Garage; Busy Park; Busy Farm and Busy Train.  Libby is growing up and changing every day, her speech is really coming along, as is her ability to amuse herself. Because I work full time, I can’t do things around the house when Libby is…

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Running in pregnancy

When I was carrying Libby, I managed to keep up with exercise all the way through my pregnancy. I stopped running at around 7 months but continued to swim, walk and play racquet sports. This time around I’ve been a bit lazy. I ran until I was about 6 weeks pregnant, which was when I took part in my last race – a fantastic 10k at night in the Forest of Dean. This was the first night run I’ve ever done and it definitely won’t be the last. After that, morning sickness hit me really badly. I had to take tablets…

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