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A developing love of books

This is a collaborative post. Yesterday, I went for my usual morning stroll with my elderly dog. We take it easy because I’m always recovering from my morning run and he’s a little old man recovering from life. He sniffs at all the smells and I admire the views and the wild flowers. But just after I took this photo and marvelled at the gorgeous, vibrant, summery colours, I was stopped in my tracks. Because just around the corner, there were blackberries. Big, juicy, ripe blackberries – just the sort you get in autumn. And so it is arriving – the beginning…

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Inspirational Parents #16 – Agent Spitback

I have been reading Agent Spitback‘s blog for quite a while now. What I love about it is that I never know what to expect when I go onto her site for a read. When it comes to inspirational parents, this lady has it all. She is one of the most amazing writers I know and alongside her fabulous blog and being a mum, she finds the time to be hilarious on social media. Through both her blog and her social media, she makes everyone feel that the bad days as a mum are okay – and reminds us not…

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