Bounce bounce bounce!

This morning as Libby and I were getting ready to take the dogs for a walk, my sisters called in and brought Libby a wonderful surprise… a bouncy castle! From that point on, our day took a different course. 

We went out into the garden and Libby played whilst my sisters and I took it in turns to blow up the bouncy castle using the really quite effective pump. It only took us about 20 minutes and then we piled on. The bouncy castle said that it was only suitable for age 3 and above, but Libby loved it despite only being able to walk a few steps unaided and being totally unable to jump. 

This is the first big toy that Libby has ever taken any interest in. She was so happy to be outside and have everyone’s attention. Whilst pumping it up took a bit of effort, I would highly recommend a bouncy castle for a toddler. I am sure that it is helping her balance and co-ordination. Of course, she has to be supervised at all times but it is such a fun way to pass the time! 

Along with the bouncy castle, but sadly still in my dad’s attic, is a little paddling pool. Libby adores the water so we are definitely going to dig out the pool for her. This got me thinking about how much more use we would get out of this fantastic toy if we used the paddling pool as a ball pool in the winter. So my next purchase is going to be some play balls. I’m stunned that they only cost £6.00, had I known this 25 years ago I’d have had my own ball pool when I was a child! Ah well, we live and learn! 




  1. Lisa Newlin
    May 4, 2013 / 2:48 am

    That bouncy castle looks like the coolest thing ever. Do they make one for a 32 year old?

    Hypothetically, of course.

    Found you on Newbie Bloggers on Google+ 🙂

    • Natalie Ray
      May 4, 2013 / 10:18 am

      Haha I know, we are desperate to get an adult one now! Thanks for reading!

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