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A new start

Before having Libby, I had spent nearly 10 years working in the legal profession in various guises. I loved the work and there was never any question of me doing anything other than going straight back to the same job after having Libby. Three months after giving birth, that’s exactly what happened. What I didn’t factor in was the fact that I’d be up at 5 am to feed her, leave the house at 6.30 am and be home around 6 pm. I also didn’t take into account how much I’d miss her, or how trivial work would seem when I knew that she was at home without me. That’s why, six weeks after going back to work, I left to take a job that I could do from home. 

Fast forward a couple of years, and since Lia has come along, I haven’t been overly enamoured with the idea of going back to work. My fabulous work from home job ended just before I had Lia so it was time to find something else. Luckily for me, my experience in the legal profession has stood me in good stead and I’ve managed to find law-based work that I can do flexibly from home. This means that I can carry on working but I don’t have to leave the kids with someone else. Perfect. 
Since I left work, a few things have changed in the legal arena, not least the increased accountability of solicitors and barristers. This is due in no small part to the continuing success of the Legal Ombudsman, but it is also due to the self-regulation of the profession. Solicitors negligence always comes as somewhat of a surprise to anyone unfortunate enough to experience it, particularly when the solicitor was employed to sort out someone else’s negligence. We expect a certain standard from solicitors, as we do with doctors and other professionals. At the end of the day though, whatever our profession, we are all human. That’s why it is so important that every profession is regulated and that there is always a way to seek redress when we experience poor service. In regard to the legal profession, companies such as Redress Law are able to assist customers who have suffered due to negligence. 
As for me, it’s time to get my head in the books and start swatting up on the legal changes since I last worked in that area. Luckily, my new job won’t bring with it too much responsibility, but it’s always best to keep up to date. And I get to watch this gorgeous little smiley face growing up alongside her adoring big sister. 
N.B. I will be given a small gift for writing this post, but views, opinions, new jobs and smiley babies are all mine. I feel it is also worthy of note that this six week old baby (pictured) is now in age 6 to 9 month baby clothes. For anyone who wondered why I was so large when pregnant, there’s your answer! 

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