I used to be somebody

There was a time, not long ago,

When I was someone else, you know.


I used to dance, I used to laugh. 2014-12-03_14.33.38

You’ve seen me in a photograph.


I used to play, I used to run,

I had some friends and had some fun.


But how things changed, and so they must.

We all grow old and turn to dust.


And now my life is not my own,

No one calls me on the phone.


I don’t go out, I can’t, you see.

I live for someone else, not me.


My clothes are rags, my hair’s a mess,

My skin is looking past its best.


I once was young and wild and free,

But now I’m just a mum, not me.

2012-06-15 13.40.54




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