An introduction to the Royal Baby!

A few days ago, Libby received a fabulous book to review. It’s a story all about little Prince George! 

This Royal Baby by Zita Newcome is a lovely new book that was released as soon as the Royal Baby was born. The book has a pull-tab on every page that makes the baby do different things. It frowns, wiggles its ears, and blows bubbles in the bath among other things. What I like about it is that it teaches young children about doing things and experiencing emotions as well as giving them an introduction to the fact that someone who will one day be their King has just been born. 

Libby always loves a book, usually we read them in bed but she brought this one downstairs this morning and when Aunty Sophie and Aunty Alice came round to see her, she proudly showed it to them. 

What a lovely book, Libby loves it and all my family have have also said what a lovely idea it is. I can see it becoming a firm favourite. 


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