Baby bookworm’s Christmas gift guide

The quandary I have faced this Christmas is perhaps somewhat unusual for the mother of a toddler. You see, all Libby wants for Christmas is a book. This is what she wrote in her letter to Santa, and she has insisted that she wants a book ever since. She is also certain that Lia wants a book from Santa too. Luckily, Santa wrote back and said that he would be happy to oblige, but I wanted to put  a little more thought into it rather than just buying books, so here is my Christmas gift guide for the baby bookworm. 

1. Books

Well, obviously. For both girls to share, they will have some fabulous Campbell Christmas books in their stocking. Santa’s Noisy House will appeal to Lia in particular, she is just getting into the noisy interactive books. For Libby’s age, Libby recommends Julia Donaldson’s the Snail and the Whale, which has a sweet, easy to follow but interesting story. In fact, Libby loves this so much that we have bought her a selection of Julia Donaldson audio books for Christmas. I would recommend the Love2Read books that you make yourself with your own words and images. After one read of this, Libby could recognise both her name and Lia’s. 

Lia doesn’t have much for Christmas that is just for her because she already has so much stuff that used to be Libby’s. I do love these little Hungry Caterpillar books though. They form a little library called Learn with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. They are the perfect size for tiny hands to hold and flick through.

2014-12-14 15.40.44-1

2. Keeping books safe

You may have read my recent post about my irritation with Libby’s love of taking her books off around the country with her. That’s why she will have this gorgeous little book bag from Bagabook in her stocking. They are available for adults as well, and you can also get a cover for your ipad or tablet. 

Lia bag

3. Thinking outside the box

Whilst Libby would be delighted with just a selection of books for Christmas, she has really got to an age where I feel that I need to get her something more. That doesn’t mean that we’re getting her anything huge and expensive, but I wanted to get something that would be a little out of the ordinary. That’s where Violet comes in. 

Violet is a sweet little toy dog that reads to you. Made by Leap Frog, she comes with five books that she reads from, and she will also ask comprehension questions. This means that she is both interactive and educational as well as being sweet and cuddly. She has five “touch points”, each of which will make her talk. So whilst Violet is Libby’s present, I can imagine that Lia will also be fascinated with her. I love the idea of Libby being able to have a story read to her whilst I am too busy to do it. Even more, I love the idea of the two of them sitting and playing together with Violet. 

2014-12-14 15.42.35-1

Please note that some of these items have been provided to me for the purpose of this gift guide. I have also included some of my favourite items that we have reviewed this year, along with their best loved items that we purchased independently. All views, opinions, book loving toddlers and babies that seem to be following in their sister’s footsteps are my own. 




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    Perfect, you’re obviously doing a fabulous job of this parenting malarky 🙂

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