Books for young children: Review

The King Cat by Marta Altés

As in every household, the cat in this story rules the roost.

It makes its own rules, entertains the humans and protects them at night. In return, the humans keep everything just the way the cat wants them.

Then all of a sudden, the unthinkable happens – a new resident in the house; A dog!

The cat tries to welcome the dog and show him the ropes. But the dog just doesn’t understand the house rules so the cat kicks him out.

Little does the cat know, the dog has only gone for a walk.

In the time it takes for the dog to come back, the cat has realised that having him around wasn’t so bad after all. So they start afresh and realise that they can live happily together, even though the cat has to adapt the rules just a little bit.

We really enjoyed this book, it is ideal for pre-school aged children because it is short and engaging enough to hold their attention throughout the story. Plus it is a story we can all relate to. Sadly we don’t have a cat at the moment but we are all fully aware that when we do have a cat living with us, we are merely its slaves.

Books for young children: Review - Giraffe on a Bicycle

Giraffe on a Bicycle by Julia Woolf

Giraffe on a bicycle is a simple story of inclusion and cooperation.

Monkey finds a bicycle but doesn’t know how to use it. Luckily, Giraffe is around to give a helping hand. He knows how to ride a bicycle – sort of.

As giraffe and monkey go off on their merry way through the jungle on their bicycle, their rather erratic riding style soon attracts the attention of everyone else in the jungle. So much so that they all join them on the bicycle, one animal at a time.

But with them all piled on, Giraffe soon loses control and they crash, breaking the bicycle.

Luckily the animals all know how to fix the problem. If they work together, they can piece together what’s left of their prize possession and make their way home.

This is another lovely story with a sweet underlying moral. The illustrations are bright and cheerful and the girls enjoyed pointing out the different animals on each page as we went through. And besides, who could possibly fail to love a giraffe on a bicycle with all his friends?

Books for young children: Review - The King Cat

Books for young children: Review of two great books for pre-school aged children

Please note, The King Cat and Giraffe on a Bicycle were both sent to us by MacMillan Children’s Books for the purpose of a review. All views, opinions and book-loving children are  my own.


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  1. January 21, 2016 / 9:18 am

    Have Macmillan children’s books ever published a bad one? We miss doing the reviews for them because they were all so fab. Great review Nat xxx

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