Children’s Books for Christmas

You will notice a conspicuous absence in this review, as my little partner in crime who normally helps me to review children’s books is not allowed to see them.

When I was offered the opportunity to review a set of Campbell Christmas books, I jumped at the chance, because Libby had already got her old Christmas books out and was insisting on listening to Christmas songs. I thought these would be ideal for her to review, but then things took on a different slant.

When we wrote our letter to Santa, Libby was very insistent that she wanted him to bring her a book, and that Lia would also like a book. When the Campbell Christmas books arrived, they were by some distance the nicest Christmas books I’d ever seen. So then I had a dilemma. Do I allow Libby to review the books now and give her some that aren’t as nice for Christmas, or do I save them to go in her present sack from Santa? Well it was a no-brainer really, so here is my own review. I like them so much that I’m giving you a chance to win them so that another little person will have as much fun on Christmas morning as Libby will. The rafflecopter is at the end of the post.

This little book is just the cutest thing in the world. Whilst reading about how Santa is going to complete his important journey now his reindeer are poorly, kids can wheel the book along on its fully functional wheels.

This is one of the interactive books that Campbell do so well. Each page has a little activity on it, so children can use levers to make things move around. The story itself is a really cute rhyme about Christmas coming and I can see Libby making me read this on repeat, probably until next Christmas.

This is another interactive book, similar in style to Hello Christmas. I am absolutely certain that Libby will be begging to go ice skating as soon as she has read this once! Again, the story is a lovely rhyme and I particularly like the part about getting back up and trying again if you fall over, something I’m always encouraging Libby to do.

This one is my personal favourite. The characters are exceptionally cute, and it is a treasure hunt book. The thing I really love though is the huge pop-up Christmas tree at the end. I have always loved pop-up books, but I’ve actually never seen a pop-up quite as impressive as this!

And so we come to the book that I know Lia will fall in love with, much to Libby’s disgust. The story is all about Santa getting ready for Christmas day, and there are buttons along the side to press, each one making a different noise. I am really looking forward to reading this with both girls.

So, here is your opportunity to win the complete set of these fabulous books. It’s a short give away so you will receive them in plenty of time for Christmas. If you have fallen in love with Campbell books as much as me, head over to their website to find out more.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note, I was sent a set of these books for the purposes of an honest review, and Campbell have also kindly provided a set for you to win. All views, opinions and book loving toddlers are my own. Good luck!


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