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Hello School!

Libby was only two in June, but already we are starting to get concerned about her going to school. Our local school isn’t a place that I’d like to send her to, and getting into a different one is going to be difficult and may involve a house move. We will need to apply next year, and if we only get offered our local school I’ll home-school Libby until we manage to move to somewhere with a nice school. One of the best chances she’ll have of getting into a nice local school is if she goes to the nursery, so we are already looking at nurseries to send her to when she turns three, and she will probably start going at least one day a week as soon as after Christmas.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to review a new book from Campbell called Hello School by Angie Rozelaar.

Whilst Libby isn’t ready for school yet, she does love reading, and getting her used to the idea of school as a positive thing seems like a fabulous idea. When I first had a flick through the book, I was unsure as to whether it was aimed at Libby’s age group. Libby now understands and enjoys a basic storyline, but is a long way off reading for herself. I felt that this book was aimed more at either older children about to start school who could read it themselves, or younger children who weren’t yet ready for a story since it is more informative than narrative.

Having said that, the book is really interactive, with lots of things happening with flaps that you pull, push or spin. After a couple of times reading the book, Libby is getting the idea about school, as she asked her dad today whether she would be going there. The other thing I have learnt from this book is that I’m making a mistake by not bothering to tell Libby the title of the books we are reading, I tend to just plough on into the book without mentioning the title.

This evening though, Libby decided that she wanted to read this book again and she had to explain to her dad “I want to read the school book, you know school, where Mary works”. Dad didn’t understand this and I had to translate and explain which book she wanted. She seems to be really enjoying the book and has read it numerous times now. I am really hopeful that by the time it comes to longer hours at nursery or full time school, she will be raring to go! So here is Libby enjoying a bit of educational bedtime reading.



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