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My last post was about the first four fabulous books that Libby and I received from Campbell Books to review. The other books that we received were the brilliant buggy books and, Libby’s favourite, the Noisy Jungle. 

I’m really pleased to be in a position to review some buggy books because I actually have quite strong views on them. Libby adores these London based books about a London Bus and a London Taxi. She has always loved looking at buses and cars and has recently learnt all her colours, so looking at the pictures gives her the opportunity to comment on both the pictures and the colours. Fascinating, as you can tell: 

Personally, I think buggy books are great, what I dislike about them is the name – I don’t really think they do themselves justice. We don’t use a buggy, we did buy one when Libby was tiny but soon realised that it wasn’t doing her any good. I feel it’s much better for babies to be carried in an ergo carrier or wrap, they are closer to you, hear what you’re saying, see what you see and are generally more involved. However, buggy books have many more uses than just being used in buggies. Libby loves the fact that they are small enough for her to carry around with her, robust enough to play with on her own and colourful enough to keep her attention. 

She also absolutely adores this Noisy Jungle book: 

The pictures are lovely and big and colourful, it has a nice story and, best of all, there are some noisy buttons to press down the right hand side of the book. All the animals make their own noises, except for the monkey of course, who plays the jungle beat! So Libby has learnt some new animals, new noises, and as an added bonus, she gets to dance while she’s reading! 



  1. Marianne Hopwood
    January 29, 2014 / 11:10 pm

    Great post – interesting to hear other parent’s views on buggies too – mine only comes out if I have a stack of shopping or other ‘stuff’ to transport, such as when I walk over to pick Ollie up from nursery and can’t face the prospect of carrying a tired toddler, tired big brother and all big brother’s nursery paraphernalia 🙂 I loved the sling and backpack but Toby is a big lad to carry if I have other things to manage. He mostly walks everywhere now, but it drives me crazy seeing kids twice his age still strapped in a buggy. But then, given he’s the height of a kid twice his age, maybe people are thinking bad things about my parenting when they occasionally do see him in his buggy 😉

  2. Natalie Ray
    January 30, 2014 / 9:36 pm

    Lol I know they’re really convenient, my mum is trying to persuade me to get mine back out. Libby has got used to walking everywhere though and if we have too much to carry then we take the car, we don’t really need the extra fresh air because we walk the dogs every day. She goes in a rucksack or carrier very occasionally now on a really long walk, but generally she just has to get on and walk!

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