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A cup of tea to make you feel better

Drinking tea is a very British solution to everything. I for one find that however bad things get, they seem a little better after a good cup of tea.  As Jamer kindly pointed out, we have all been struck down with the flu recently and it really was tea that kept me going.  In the first couple of weeks of being a lurgy-ridden house, I was lucky enough to be doing a teatox. If you’re not aware of these, they are special teas that you drink morning and evening.  They are made from herbal ingredients that are specially formulated to…

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Easter chocolate brownies

Yesterday morning, hubby made a start on our bathroom upgrade so I had the morning with the girls. This is pretty rare for me at the weekend, because I’m usually working.  So we made the most of the time and baked some chocolate brownies. I love baking but rarely have time to do it. I have to admit though, my brownies are pretty good. Even better with a little help it seems.  So, here is our (very simple) recipe.  You will need:  250g butter 200g fairtrade chocolate. We like them really chocolatey, so we used 85% cocoa dark chocolate. This…

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Review of Bluestone National Park Resort

As you may have noticed, since Monday we have been having the time of our lives at the Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire. Whilst I have updated you on our activities and adventures each day, I wanted to provide a full and thorough review now that we’re home.  I’ve broken it down into sections, so that if there is a particular thing that you are interested in, you can jump straight to it using the CTRL + F function on your browser. The sections are as follows:  Booking Arrival Accommodation Food and Drink Spa Activity Centre Blue Lagoon Children’s…

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