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Our Thursday Photo #2

After a difficult start with Lia, things are getting much better this week for our family. We are all over the sickness bug now and Lia seems to have escaped it. Libby is back into her clubs that she does in the mornings now, and Lia came with her to both her singing group at the library and her ballet class this week. I was lucky enough to have my sister Emma to help out at both, but I think I’ll just about manage both of them on my own this week.  Hubby is still off work, but he has…

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Our Thursday Photo #1

I took a lovely photo of our two girls together this morning and as it’s Lia’s first week, I thought it would be a nice thing to do every week to document them growing up together. So every Thursday, I intend to do a short blog post with a photo of the girls. This weeks photo was just taken sitting on the sofa straight after we’d got up this morning. Libby has been poorly the last few days so she’s not at her best, but she was delighted to be allowed to hold baby sister for a photo.  I really…

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