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The Small World Series: Mr Plutonium Sox

Last week, I kicked off my small world series with a post about a coincidence that had happened to me. I find fate and coincidence so interesting that I wanted to open up the series to other people who wanted to join in. As predicted, first in line was my husband, so here is his story about a strange thing that happened to us a few years ago. The small world series: Mr Plutonium Sox Whilst travelling in New Zealand in 2008, myself and my girlfriend (now my wife) were lucky enough to go on a whale watching tour in…

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The Small World Series: Plutonium Sox

The world can sometimes seem like such a big place. Good friends moving to a different continent and my own yearning for travel serve as regular reminders. And even as technology advances and keeping in touch becomes easier, other events make us realise that planet Earth is pretty vast. Did you know that we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about our ocean floors? And when Concorde was decommissioned nearly 13 years ago, its last pilot said, “Our shrinking world just got a little bigger.” He was right, no plane since has matched Concorde for speed. And…

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