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Our Thursday Photo #36

Well, as usual it has been a busy week in the Plutonium Sox household. Last Friday marked the end of our fabulous holiday, so we pretended we were still on holiday over the weekend and continued in the vein of swimming every day and eating rubbish.  So, on Monday it was time to get back to reality. Hubby went back to work and I started on a bit of a health kick. Mercifully, I know my limits so I’m only being healthy on weekdays and we’re back to drinking and eating rubbish at weekends. Roll on tomorrow.  Yesterday, we had…

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Review of Bluestone National Park Resort

As you may have noticed, since Monday we have been having the time of our lives at the Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire. Whilst I have updated you on our activities and adventures each day, I wanted to provide a full and thorough review now that we’re home.  I’ve broken it down into sections, so that if there is a particular thing that you are interested in, you can jump straight to it using the CTRL + F function on your browser. The sections are as follows:  Booking Arrival Accommodation Food and Drink Spa Activity Centre Blue Lagoon Children’s…

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Life in two dimensions

I wrote the below post not long after Libby was first diagnosed with a squint. Unfortunately, by the time we realised there was something wrong, it was too late to correct her 3D vision. If you have concerns about a baby looking cross eyed, do get them checked out by a GP even if the health visitors haven’t picked up on it. Libby can see fine now and looks beautiful in her glasses but I do wish we had picked it up earlier so that she could have had a chance of ending up with perfect vision. How we realised…

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