A day out in Birmingham

This morning, we all headed off early for a day out in Birmingham.

Working there made me realise what a great city it is. There’s always something going on and children are particularly spoilt.

Our first stop after getting off the train today was the Town Hall to see the AMAZING Three Little Pigs musical.

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This was a bit of a shock to me. I knew the girls would enjoy it, but I had no idea that it would be enjoyable for the grown ups too.

The music is catchy, actors are engaging and it’s only 55 minutes long so it holds the children’s attention.

The big bad wolf is played by Simon Webbe from the band Blue. He was excellent in it and his character reminded me a bit of Cat from Red Dwarf.

The three little pigs were all acclaimed actors with a musical background, really not the type of thing we’re used to in children’s theatre.

The story was really well told and I particularly loved the fact that the star piggie wasn’t the cool one or the fit one, but the clever one that worked hard at school.

This is a great message for children in my humble opinion.

Both girls really engaged with this play but I think it would be equally suitable for older children, probably up to the top end of primary school.

This is on at the Town Hall until Sunday (2 August) and we would all highly recommend it. It’s also a brilliant venue, so we’ll definitely be back to see something else.

My top tip for taking a child of Lia’s age to the theatre is to bring an apple. This kept her quiet for about 50 minutes and then she had a dance for the last five minutes.

After the theatre, we headed off to Wagamama for lunch at Libby’s request.

It was awesome as always and Lia endeared herself to the waitress by abjectly refusing to hand over her plate until she’d eaten every last scrap.

Our afternoon was spent at the Sea Life Centre on their brilliant Lego Explorer trail. This is the second time Libby has done it. It was no less exciting.

We really are regulars at the Sea Life Centre, but the girls never tire of it.

Today, there was some Lego to play with half way round.

There’s also a film to watch which is usually in 3D. Today, it was in 2D (plus special effects) which meant that Libby could see it properly (she can’t see in 3D at all).

This made Libby’s day – she has no awareness at not being able to see in 3D, but all she usually sees is the blurry screen that you see without the glasses so today’s film was a revelation.

These little things like the Lego and the film break up the afternoon and mean that when they go back to seeing the sea creatures, they’re still really exciting.



If this isn’t enough to inspire you to have a day out in Birmingham, the Big Hoot is currently going on around the city.

We stopped to have a look at a couple of the owls but would love to go back and see a few more.

The owls are all there to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, they will be auctioned off at some point so if you are an owl fan, this could be your chance to own one.



  1. August 4, 2015 / 6:21 pm

    Sounds like a perfect day out 🙂 I love the new look page too, very snazzy

    • monsterid August 4, 2015 / 8:39 pm

      Thank you Maz, it was a lovely day. The new look is a work in progress but getting there I hope!x

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