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An Easter soft play treat

It’s rather odd I think, as a parent to two pre-school age children, that I always wonder what we’re going to do with ourselves during the Easter holidays. 

During term time, it’s so easy to know what to do with the girls. There is an activity going on every day, then various other things come up for a break from our usual routine. 

In the Easter holidays though, all their little activities stop. I have to keep them busy in the mornings so that they sleep in the afternoon, otherwise my work time goes out of the window. 

Our default position is walking the dog, but I tend not to take them walking for longer than an hour because Libby gets quite tired. 

So I always jump at the chance of a morning out doing something that the girls enjoy, and today we were lucky enough to be invited to the Guild Brewer’s Fayre in Bromsgrove. 

I have written a blog post about the Guild before, when they first opened their soft play area. 

To be honest, we’ve sort of become regulars since then, hence jumping at the chance of going today. 

Both girls adore soft play, and quite frankly I look forward to the rest. The Guild have a relatively small soft play area with two big slides, one small slide and lots of things to climb on. 

They also have some little cars for them to play in and plenty of comfortable seats for the adults. Lia in particular loves the cars. 

2015-03-31 10.45.25

For the Easter holidays, there are colouring activities available in the morning. Both girls gave it a go, Libby coloured in a lovely Easter card and Lia didn’t eat the crayon. A vast improvement. 

2015-03-31 11.08.22

A friend of mine has a little girl who is a couple of weeks younger than Libby. We’ve been meeting up relatively regularly since the girls were tiny so they are firm friends. 

They met us at the Guild today. It’s such a great place to catch up with them, and it’s becoming one of our regular haunts. The girls all go off and do their own thing (even Lia to an extent). 

As for the adults? We invested in a bottomless hot drink and enjoyed a few minutes relaxing and chatting between the various toddler related crises. 

The other thing that is really convenient is the fact that you can eat in the same room as the soft play area. This meant that the girls could carry on playing until we were ready to eat. 

The food is good pub grub. They’ve changed the menu since we last went, and I really enjoyed the new veggie burger. The children’s macaroni cheese is apparently pretty good too.

Although I’m judging that on the fact that I didn’t get the chance to try it because it was happily polished off, along with the garlic bread. 

Please note, we were given a voucher towards the cost of our food and soft play in return for a review. It is also worthy of note that we go regularly anyway and would probably have paid a visit over the Easter holidays even without their kind invite!




    • April 1, 2015 / 11:01 pm

      I know, what are they all about, I can’t see the attraction either but apparently at 10 months old they are wonderful!x

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