Guided tour of the Sea Life Centre

This evening, we were lucky enough to be invited to attend Birmingham Sea Life Centre for a guided tour with just a few other families after the centre had closed to the public. 

On arrival, we were greeted with some lovely mince pies and drinks, and the girls were adorned with suitably ridiculous hats before we headed over to the penguin area. 

After a few minutes watching the penguins, we were met by a friendly member of staff to start the tour. As parents, going around any attraction is never a leisurely business so having someone telling us about everything we were looking at was fabulous.

For the children, the fact that hardly anybody was there just meant that they could get a proper look at everything and take their time. Lia in particular found this absolutely fascinating, spending much of the evening laughing out loud at the fish. 

Having walked most of the way around the attraction, we headed for the 4D cinema for a festive themed Ice Age 4D film. Despite not being able to see in three dimensions, Libby was rocking the 3D glasses.

These photos of both children were taken during the trailers, you can imagine how fascinated they were by the time the film started! 

From there, we moved on to the underwater tunnel. We learnt all about the fish, sharks and turtle in there from our guide and were able to take our time walking through and get a really good look at them all. 

As we were leaving the tunnel, the guide mentioned that there was somebody special waiting for the children. To Libby’s delight, it was Santa. What a lovely way to spend our last Sunday before Christmas. Thank you to everyone at the Sea Life Centre for a fabulous evening, we all really enjoyed it. 




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