Little moments

Last weekend, we were invited to Drayton Manor to hear all about what’s going on there for the rest of the season.

They’ve got some amazing events coming up, we’re particularly looking forward to the fireworks (set to War of the Worlds – fabulous) and seeing Father Christmas.

We’ll be heading there for Halloween too, although the girls are probably a bit young to understand it.

The thing that really struck a chord with me though was their #LittleMoments campaign.

They’re encouraging people to stop and appreciate their little moments.

For me, this is a really pertinent message. Not just at Drayton Manor, but everywhere.

That’s the thing about being a mum. The old adage that the days can be long but the years are short is so true.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane drudgery of getting through each day without too many tantrums.

That’s why it’s easy to miss the little moments that actually, when it comes down to it are the big things.

They’re the things you’ll look back on and think, “Wow.”

That day at Drayton Manor, my little moments were all about being together as a family.

Because you mainly sit as a two on the rides, I had some quality time with both girls.

Like Libby and I getting splashed on the splash canyon, taking Lia on her first roller coaster and the girls’ faces when we turned up in the brand new VIP suites in Thomas Land – and there were pasties, biscuits and fruit.

They felt so important standing up on the balcony in the beautifully painted rooms (they are all themed around a different engine) and looking down at the rides.

Here are a few of our little moments from that day.

The start of the summer holidays has changed my attitude a little bit to the way I spend the days with my girls.

The campaign from Drayton Manor has played quite a big part in my thought process.

This year before Libby goes to school, I intend to make the most of our little moments together.

The last three years have gone so quickly and the girls are growing up so fast. If I can’t make time slow down, at least I can make the most of the time we do have.

I guess before I know it the’ll be moving out and making their own way in the world.

But there’s plenty of time for all that.

For now, if you need us you’ll find us enjoying each other’s company and having fun.


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