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Palm Oil Free Product Recommendations November 2016

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Last month, Leonardo DiCaprio released a film called Beyond The Flood. It sounds like some sort of action thriller doesn’t it? But it is in fact a documentary about climate change. It is a film full of fear for our future but it does also raise some possible solutions. Suggestions include a total switch to renewable fuel – and on an individual level it suggests making changes to our diet.

For me, it’s about more than diet. I am already vegetarian but palm oil is in so many things that the change for me has been in the way I shop. My Shop Palm Oil Free website lists numerous amazing companies that manage to totally avoid palm oil in their products. On a supermarket shop I read the label and try to avoid processed food. I’ve also had a total rethink of cosmetics and toiletries that I use.

Here are a few of my favourite palm oil free products that I’ve been using over the past few months. If you know of any others please let me know. I’d love to list them on my palm oil free website free of charge.

1. Heavenly Organics Skincare

Heavenly Organics is my new favourite skincare brand. Over on my other blog, I reviewed their body scrub, body oil and facial oil. I loved all the products, but the body scrub was an absolute revelation. It is the polar opposite to other body scrubs I’ve used. Instead of drying out my skin, it moisturised it at the same time as cleaning and exfoliating. My skin has literally never felt so good.

Palm Oil Free Product Recommendations November 2016

All Heavenly Organics products are organic, vegan and free from both palm oil and chemicals. They have a huge range of products including items for babies, cleansers, oils and lotions. They would make perfect Christmas gifts, or just treat your own skin to something amazing.

2. Super Treats Chocolate Alternative

As a child, my mum often bought me carob instead of chocolate. I loved it but I’m also aware that other people weren’t so keen on it. However all this has changed with the advent of Super Treats. These are little bars of carob, similar to chocolate bars but actually, I think they taste better.

Palm Oil Free Product Recommendations November 2016

The ethical credentials of Super Treats are quite impressive. They contain no refined sugar, theobromine or caffeine. They’re ethically and sustainably produced with natural ingredients and they’re full of vitamins, minerals, calcium and slow release energy. The only thing I didn’t like them was that they said they were for children. I would like to reassure you that they are NOT just for children! Read my full review here.

3. Jake’s Boost

Jake’s Boost produce some really unusual snacks that I’ve totally fallen in love with. They make nut and seed butters that are palm oil free (most nut butters contain palm oil) and incredibly tasty. All of their products are also vegan and free from salt, sugar, gluten and dairy. They even give 5% of their profits to charities fighting child food poverty.

Palm Oil Free Product Recommendations November 2016

And my favourite of the Jake’s Boost products are their snack pots. Each one contains a little tub of their nut and seed butter and some freeze dried fruit – either apple or orange. I found this a really filling, healthy snack. It’s also something I’m happy to give to my children to snack on as I know it’s full of nothing but goodness. My full review is here.

4. Cacay Naturals 100% Cacay Oil

Cacay Naturals produce an incredible oil that is natural, organic, vegan, palm oil free and ethically produced. It is an organic, cold-pressed oil harvested from wild Cacay trees in Columbia. The oil has anti-ageing properties and also reduces the appearance of scars and increases hydration and smoothness.

Palm Oil Free Product Recommendations November 2016

It can also be used to protect the skin from dehydration and irritation and is even helpful in the healing of wounds. It contains vitamin E and linoleic acid in larger amounts than Argan oil. I’ve also just discovered that it’s good for repairing damaged hair, and the results I’ve seen on my skin have been so good that I’m going to try it on my hair later on. The product is available to purchase on Amazon here: Cacay Naturals Face Oil – THE BEST Anti Aging and Anti Wrinkles For Your Skin. Contains 100% Pure Cacay Oil. Enjoy Younger and Healthier Skin Right Away!

Please note, these products were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of a review. The Amazon link to Cacay Naturals is an affiliate link.

Are you looking for ethical, palm oil free products that enhance your life without destroying the environment? Check out my regular product recommendations. Shop palm oil free and protect the rainforest and the world we live in.
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  1. November 10, 2016 / 2:08 pm

    Super Treats sounded right up my street, I haven’t heard of these before and will be looking out for them. x

  2. November 10, 2016 / 4:27 pm

    I’ve never heard of carob?! Sounds interesting!! Especially the no caffeine. I really struggled with not having chocolate when I was pregnant and the dodgy ticker! Especially as I like dark chocolate 🙂

    I do love your palm oil free roundups. I always want everything. x

  3. November 11, 2016 / 12:17 pm

    I love the Super Treats carob bars – they are delicious. Haven’t come across Jake’s Boost snacks before but they sound fab. I’ve never thought of the fact that most nut butters contain palm oil – but your post will make me think more about what I choose next time I buy peanut butter.

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