Friday Feature #2

Today’s Friday Feature is about a fabulous business that is leading the way when it comes to ethical purchasing, particularly in the fashion and beauty world. I also want to raise awareness of an incredible animal charity that really, really needs our support at this time of year.


In recent years, I haven’t bothered too much with fashion and beauty. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, I work from home and rarely go out in the evenings, so I really don’t need to waste money on making myself beautiful (or at least vaguely presentable) just to stay in my house. Predominantly though, I can’t help but feel horribly guilty for supporting businesses that use sweat shops or test products on animals. My solution tends to be to shop in charity shops, reasoning that if I buy something from there then I am recycling. I can’t remember the last time I bought something new.

A year ago though, Tiff (UK) was formed, a business that should change all of that. The business was set up by a student, who felt the same way as me – that it should be much easier in this day and age to source products that are fair trade, sustainable, recycled, organic or in other ways just ethical. 

The website stocks men’s and women’s fashion, children’s and babies clothing and accessories, interiors and skincare. My personal favourites are Elephant Branded, who make all sorts of cute bags, from purses to laptop bags to children’s backpacks and pencil cases. They pay a fair wage and teach their workers skills that will allow them to get out of poverty. Better still, the bags are made from locally sourced recycled materials so they are environmentally friendly as well. If you are looking for ethical Christmas presents, Tiff (UK) would be a great place to start.

Animal Lifeline UK

Animal Lifeline UK are a charity that work with dog wardens, local authorities, councils and welfare officers to find rescue places for dogs that would otherwise be put to sleep. They have to pay for emergency boarding, vets bills and transport costs and are a completely independent charity relying entirely on public donations.

It is a sad fact of life that at this time of year, even more dogs end up abandoned. Ridiculously, people are immoral and stupid enough to be dumping their elderly dogs to make way for a new puppy. This is absolutely heart breaking and makes Christmas a terribly difficult time for charities like Animal Lifeline UK. People also buy puppies for Christmas presents instead of adopting, so there are few rescue spaces becoming available at this year.

As you can imagine, the pressure on small charities like Animal Lifeline UK at this time of year is just horrendous. If you can spare a small amount of money to donate to them, please do. You could also help by sharing this post or the Animal Lifeline UK fundraising appeal link.

If you are in the market for another dog, please, please don’t buy a puppy. If you are buying a puppy instead of adopting this year, there are hundreds of dogs being put to sleep every day because of people like you.




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