If only I was that talented

I have always admired people who run their own business, particularly when they make their own products. I’ve also always been a fan of home made clothes for babies and children, but unfortunately I don’t have the time, talent, artistic capability or patience to make them myself. That’s why I’m incredibly fortunate that an old school friend of mine has started a business selling her gorgeous reasonably priced hand-made children’s clothing.

Joe can only be described as an inspirational parent. Whilst I haven’t seen her for years, seeing her posts on Facebook about babywearing inspired me to research it when I had Libby and we were soon hooked. Joe and her husband, Tom are huge advocates for babywearing. So much so, that one of the first products that Joe made when she started her fabulous Ty Melyn Makes business was a specially made bolero jacket for babies who like to be carried with their arms out of the sling or wrap. Of course, when Joe was looking for people to test it, Lia was first in line.

This beautiful little bolero was completely hand made, and yet it has already been fully tested with lots of wear, spillages and a stint in the washing machine. I was able to choose the fabric and colours and Joe got it ready and posted it to me within just a few days. The idea of it is that it keeps baby’s arms and head warm, but it isn’t too big and bulky and doesn’t make them too hot when they’re snuggled up next to you in the carrier. I think it is a fabulous idea and it’s lovely to have something such good quality and completely unique. Joe also makes various other items, including these fabulous Nessie rompers modelled by her beautiful, bouncy baby boy, Harri.

So do head over to Joe’s Facebook page and have a look at all her amazing items, and if you have something in mind that you’d love to have for your baby, it’s worth asking Joe if she could make it. Many of her items are custom made for people who are just looking for something extra special.

Note: This post is not sponsored, I was lucky enough to just pay for the fabric and Joe made the bolero for me in return for testing it out for size. All views and opinions in this post are mine, but in a break with tradition this isn’t the case with all babies featured!


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