Food, Glorious Food

Libby has always enjoyed food. She eats anything that we give her, even if it’s spicy, strongly flavoured or otherwise unusual. She has always eaten what we eat and we never really gave her jars of baby food. 

Generally, it’s really convenient that she eats the same as us. We all eat together and I just cook one big meal that will sometimes last us a couple of days. Occasionally though, we might get home late and not have time to cook a proper meal, or my husband and I might be eating later because one of us is doing sport that evening. That’s when it can become a little difficult to know what to give Libby to eat. I want her to have something healthy but that tends not to go hand in hand with having something quick and convenient. 

That’s why I was intrigued to hear about the new Little Foodies range from Plum Tots, and delighted when they sent me a few portions for Libby to try. They are made from organic ingredients and contain at least two child-sized daily portions of vegetables. The flavours are interesting and unusual for children’s food. So far, Libby has tried the tomato and beef ragu and the vegetable biryani. They are also incredibly convenient, being served in a nice little bowl and taking just 30 seconds to cook in the microwave. 

Libby’s favourite so far was the biryani, she has always loved things with a lot of flavour and this is made really tasty with herbs without being spicy. These would be a great introduction to more unusual tastes for children that aren’t necessarily keen on strongly flavoured food. Personally, I wouldn’t give Libby pre-made meals every day, but it’s great to know that there is a convenient yet healthy option available when we are short on time. The other thing I loved was that Libby was able to feed herself the ragu. The bowl was nice and easy for her to get to with the spoon and the food stayed on the spoon really well. Libby was delighted with herself as you can see! 

This post was not sponsored but I did receive a few samples of the little foodies range for Libby to review. 


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  1. Natalie Ray
    July 21, 2013 / 11:50 am

    Ha thanks… or girl 😉

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