When things aren’t quite as they seem…

Last night, my sisters and I went to our favourite restaurant, The Terrace on The Hill in Malvern, as a last evening out before my youngest sister goes to university. While we were there, we overheard someone talking about a poor review on TripAdvisor that had rated the service badly. This got us chatting about TripAdvisor, and how one person who has taken offence to something innocent can have such an awful effect on the success of an establishment, just by writing a poor review.

I honestly can’t think of anywhere with better service than The Terrace on The Hill, we have been there several times with both Libby and Lia and were always served quickly. The staff are so friendly that they even remember us when we go. I admit, I’m a little addicted to their cakes so we have been a few times! Prior to chatting to my sister about this, I would probably have been the sort of person to see a bad review on TripAdvisor and avoid the restaurant. I’m just glad I hadn’t seen this before I went. Not only is the service amazing, but they are incredibly reasonably priced, both for the delicious evening tasting menu and the gorgeous (and HUGE) afternoon tea.

My sister mentioned that she had served a table a few weeks ago in the pub that she works in. Someone had complained about the portion size, so she took it away and gave them double the amount. She also took the cost of that meal off the bill, so not only did they effectively have two portions, they didn’t even pay for it. Despite that, she heard them discussing how they were going to give the pub a poor review on TripAdvisor. I know I’m biased because my sisters work there, but the food is amazing, the service is excellent and the pub is a lovely, friendly local pub. They even won the title of the best beer pub in Britain this year and yet people could be put off by one bad review on TripAdvisor.

I also read an article this week about a student who used social media to convince her family that she was travelling around South East Asia, when she was in fact in her bedroom for the duration of her five-week “trip”. This was a very, very clever university project, which is reminiscent of the videos shared by CEOP to highlight the risks of meeting up with someone you met online, who isn’t necessarily the person you think they are.

So I’ve learnt something this week; always to take things with a massive pinch of salt when they’re online, however convincing they may seem. So on that note, is this a massive milkshake or a tiny head?! Answers on a postcard!


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