Friday Feature #4

My Friday Feature each week aims to raise awareness of an ethical business and a charity. This week, I have reviewed an online paediatric first aid course from Spearhead Compliance Training Ltd. Not only is this course essential if you haven’t had any first aid training, but it costs just £20, a small price to pay for saving a child’s life. Of this, £10 goes to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

If you’ve got children then, like me, you may be wondering whether you should do a paediatric first aid course. So before you read on, just have a quick look at this article. I’m not a fan or reader of the Daily Fail, but this was shared as part of the online course and it really brought home to me the importance of being first aid trained as a parent or carer for young children. 

Spearhead Training Paediatric Emergency First Aid Course

Spearhead provide compliance based training such as first aid, health and safety etc. They have over 65 ex-military trainers and would usually work with organisations to get their key knowledge up to date.

However, they have realised the importance of paediatric first aid, since 3000 babies and children died in the UK last year, and many of these deaths would have been prevented if their carers had known basic first aid. That’s why they are providing this online first aid course with the admirable aims of both saving lives and raising money for charity. 

As a mum of young children, it can often be difficult to get out to do a first aid course, particularly if, like me, you care for those children full time and work as well. That’s where the online course comes into its own. Whilst it is not as hands-on as a face to face course, all demonstrations are done using informative videos, and all the information you need for basic emergency first aid is provided. 

Key learning areas include the recovery position, CPR, what to do if your child chokes, coping with shock in its different forms including anaphylaxis and how to deal with a child who is having a seizure. The advantage of an online course over a physical course in my opinion is that you can take it at your own pace, making sure that you take everything in.


I love the use of mnemonics and infographics to deliver key information, they are idea to ensure that in a pressure situation, you remember your training. An example is the use of an infographic to depict the DRSABC checks that should be carried out as a primary check of a casualty. 

When I review products or raise awareness of ethical companies, as a general rule I tell you what I think of them but avoid urging people to buy the product, because only you know if a product is right for you. In this instance though, if you are not first aid trained and you look after children, I would urge you to spend a couple of hours of your time completing this course. Aside from assisting with the target of raising £10,000 for a great cause, you could save a child’s life. You can’t put a price tag on that. 

Birmingham Children’s Hospital

It wasn’t until Libby was around six months old that we realised she had a problem with her eyes. She was using them independently of each other, so she spent most of her time looking cross eyed. As part of her treatment for that, we paid a visit to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, although her surgery was carried out locally in the end. 

Having been through a surgical procedure with Libby, I realise what a horrendous thing it is for any parent to have to undergo, not to mention how tough it is for the child. That’s why designated Children’s Hospitals are so crucial. Not only do they provide the essential medical care needed, but they aim to make the environment as pleasant as possible for children and parents alike. 

An example of this is the provision of play specialists. These people are there not to look after the child’s medical needs, but to ensure that their emotional needs are met. It is easy to underestimate the importance of play to children’s development, and when they are poorly they can easily miss out on play. It is also crucial as a therapeutic tool to aid recovery. 

Another key area of work carried out by Birmingham Children’s Hospital is clinical research into the treatment and care of patients with rare diseases. In fact, they are the leading centre nationally for such research. This is crucial in finding ways to both cure and manage numerous conditions. 

I really like the use of the paediatric first aid course to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Both the course itself and the hospital’s work are so important and I hope that you will at least consider taking the course if you care for children and don’t hold an up to date first aid qualification. 



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    Great review of the course. Good read! 🙂

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