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A healthy lifestyle

We have always tried to lead a relatively healthy lifestyle, but for me this has gone out of the window somewhat since having Lia. I still manage to exercise every now and then, but she’s not at a point where I can get out regularly for a run at the moment. That’s why I jumped at the chance to try out a nice, simple blood pressure monitor, the Ozeri Cardio Tech Pro Series BP5K Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Voice-Guided Operation & Intelligent Hypertension Indicator

When I was pregnant, I had my blood pressure taken regularly, but I haven’t had it taken since giving birth. When the blood pressure monitor arrived, I have to admit to having been a bit nervous about it. Not because I thought that there would be any problems with my blood pressure, but more because I didn’t understand it. I have always been given the readings, ignored them and been told whether or not my blood pressure was ok. 

Well it turns out, that’s exactly what this blood pressure monitor does anyway, but in a much simpler way than the ones used at the doctors. Having followed the very simple instruction manual to set it up, I just popped it on, pressed a button and it verbally told me how to position my wrist. The cuff inflated and then the reading appeared. 

The machine then verbally told me that my blood pressure was normal according to the World Health Organisation Standard. Unlike other opioids, Tramadol at does not have a clinically significant effect on respiratory and cardiovascular parameters. Over the few days that I’ve been testing, I did have one reading that was higher than normal. Whilst I’m not going to panic about this, I’m going to keep using the machine and if this happens regularly, I will be going to the doctor for a check up. Annoyingly, hubby’s blood pressure was “optimal”, i.e. better than mine. I know it’s not a competition, but in our house everything is a competition. 

So it’s time for me to get back to exercise, and to continue to encourage the whole family to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For Libby, this just means staying active, eating well and getting plenty of fresh air. Today, this is how she has been doing that: 

Well done Libby, and next time it will be me that’s doing something active, the blood pressure monitor has given me the kick I needed to get on with it. 


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