Bounce, bounce, bounce!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be given a place in the Shock Absorber Women Only Triathlon. They even let me give away five more free entries to the lovely people who read my blog. To top it all off, they sent me an amazing Shock Absorber bra to wear whilst competing in the triathlon and then review on my blog. After all that generosity, I had to help out when they asked me to help spread the story of the alternative Wimbledon results- the bounce table! 

I have always been a big advocate for sports bras and, not wishing to pre-empt my review, but the shock absorber is the best one I have worn. Perhaps naively, I had always assumed that top female athletes wore decent sports bras. I had never considered that maybe they might have the same issue as the rest of us when it came to not quite buying the right kit and ending up, well, bouncy. It turns out, I was wrong. Here is what Shock absorber have to say about the whole sorry state of affairs: 

As the Wimbledon final is upon us, Shock Absorber, the UK’s number one sports bra brand, reveals the average breast bounce per minute (BBPM) of its favourite players from this year’s tournament.

Research shows tennis causes an increase in lateral breast bounce movement due to stretches, side lunges and body rotation during serves. Shock Absorber has calculated the average number of times breasts bounce during a typical tennis match to show the surprising amount of strain put on them during a match. There are no muscles in the breast, only delicate Cooper’s Ligaments, which are vulnerable to stretching and ‘sagging’ when not supported by a properly fitted sports bra.

A team of bounce experts at Shock Absorber have measured the BBPM by counting the number of times a player’s breasts bounced during the average length of a women’s tennis match (approx. 93.5 minutes).

Shock Absorber reveals who tops the breast bounce table for the alternative Wimbledon results. All vital stats are revealed below (ranked in order of breast bounce):

1) Caroline Wozniacki
BBPM: 64
Total breast bounce per match: 5,984

2) Maria Sharapova
BBPM: 56
Total breast bounce per match: 5,236

3) Laura Robson
BBPM: 53
Total breast bounce per match: 4,955.5

4) Petra Kvitova
BBPM: 42
Total breast bounce per match: 3,927

5) Serena Williams
BBPM: 29
Total bounces per match: 2,711.5

The results show that Caroline Wozniacki, 22-year-old Danish player and former World No.1, is top of the breast bounce table.

Martina Alexander, Marketing Manager at Shock Absorber UK, commented: “We are well aware of the negative effect that breast bounce has on women’s confidence and performance. It’s quite shocking to see that breasts can bounce almost 6,000 times during a tennis match. It is imperative that women are well supported when taking part in any sport, no matter what size they are, so they can concentrate solely on their performance.”

Caroline is enduring the highest level of breast bounce during a match and would benefit from wearing a suitable, well-fitting sports bra from Shock Absorber. Serena is shown to be experiencing the lowest level of breast bounce. Despite this it is still important she wears a proper sports bra to provide support and prevent damage.

If you are a runner, starting to run or thinking about running, you need a decent sports bra. For any other sport, be sensible. Of course you need one for tennis, squash, aerobics… oh my goodness imagine doing step aerobics without one, it doesn’t bear thinking about! The Shock Absorber range can be found here:

This post is not sponsored but as you can see, Shock Absorber have been good to me. I do want to add a little note to them though- I’m loving my sports bra but if you have another spare one that you’d like to donate, please send it to poor Caroline with my best wishes, it sounds like she could do with it! 


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