Bring it on winter, I’m ready for you.

As a child, running wasn’t really my thing, purely on the basis that I was a swimmer through and through. When I got to high school though, I got on okay with cross country, winning our school cross country run out of the blue, purely from the transferable fitness from swimming. This sparked my interest in running and I went on to represent the county.

At this point, I was incredibly lucky that my mum was an avid runner and she knew how important it was to have the right equipment, trainers in particular. Mum presented me with a little catalogue and allowed me to choose (with her guidance) a great pair of running shoes. The catalogue was from a company that is now (in the internet age) called and even now, they are the go-to place for good quality sports kit for mum and I.

So with winter setting in and having had a baby since I last fitted into my winter running kit, I realised it was time to stock up. I’d also made a mistake the last time I bought trainers. I strayed from my mum’s advice and bought them elsewhere, ending up with trainers that were too small and rubbed my feet. I’ve got into the barefoot and minimalist running movement over the last few years, so I also decided to treat myself to a new pair of  minimalist trainers.

As you can see, I have already put my new Merrell trail running shoes to the test on a couple of long, muddy runs. They are incredibly light, nicely cushioned and don’t rub at all. They offer some shock absorption without detracting from the feel of natural running. Before I got my hands on them, they were also a lovely colour. Apparently they have been specially treated so that they don’t stink. So far so good on that score too!

My next purchase was a pair of winter trousers. Not only are these warm, they are even water resistant and yet still breathable. They are made by Under Armour, who are quite well known for their rugby gear. No wonder then that they cope so well with mud, here are my trousers post muddy run.

They are in fact caked in mud but it somehow doesn’t show up on them, despite being quite a light colour. These trousers both inspire me to get out for a run, safe in the knowledge that I won’t get cold and damp, and bring out the devil on my shoulder telling me not to go. I like them so much that I’d be perfectly happy to slob around the house in these. Actually, if I’m honest I’d probably wear them to the pub too.

I also treated myself to a new breathable long sleeved running top, made by Ronhill. I like the fact that this is breathable and wicks moisture away from you. I like the fact that it is reflective for bad weather and has UPF40 sun protection for summer running. But what I love about it is that it’s made from recycled fibres. What a great, revolutionary step forward in clothing, I am so pleased that this is now possible and hope that more companies follow suit.

I also ordered a running jacket, but this was out of stock so my other items were sent to me rather than making me wait for everything just because one thing was out of stock. They also informed me when the items were on the way and that one thing would be missing. I really appreciated this, there is nothing worse than not knowing what’s happening with an order. So I’m waiting in anticipation for my running jacket, at the moment it’s not quite cold enough for it though, so my long sleeved top was ideal. So now I’m all kitted up, it’s time to launch myself into winter training. Will this include a 6am swim tomorrow morning?? I’m not sure just yet but watch this space!

Please note, I was sent these items free of charge in return for an honest review. All views, opinions, sporty mums, muddy runs and ridiculous thoughts of swimming at 6am are my own.


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