Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

I have a few blog posts to write this week that are around health and nutrition. This has always been something that was important to me, but it has become so much more important since having children. I know that opinion is polarised as to which is more important between diet and physical activity, but I can’t personally prioritise one of those over the other. Without a good diet, it is difficult to find the energy to exercise, and exercise is important both for physical and psychological health.

Unfortunately as we get older, exercise doesn’t feature so heavily in our lifestyles. This is rarely a conscious decision, but life gets in the way. As soon as you cut down on exercise, it doesn’t seem unusual to drive to the shop or the doctor’s and before you know it, you have become virtually inactive.

When I was given the opportunity to review the Ozeri 4×3 Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer, I jumped at the chance having always wondered how much exercise I did each day when you include running around after children and walking the dogs. Before the product arrived though, my dad realised that he needed to change his lifestyle, and in particular take more exercise. I therefore decided to test the item on dad, since it was probably aimed more at people who didn’t exercise than people who were curious as to how many calories you burn running after a toddler.

The pedometer has just four buttons, so it is exceptionally easy to use. Dad and I set it up together, then he slipped it in his pocket and he was good to go.

The unusual thing about this pedometer is that it measures on all axes, so even if it turns around in your pocket, it will still measure your steps. It is also ultra small, so you don’t notice it’s there and finding somewhere to stash it isn’t a problem.
The first day that dad wore it, I think he got a bit of a wakeup call. I told him that most people aim for 10,000 steps per day with these things, and he did just 900. Within a week of using it, he has changed his lifestyle. He now walks to the shop and the doctors, and is already up to around 7000 steps per day. I’m shocked that such a tiny little item can make such a difference to someone’s lifestyle.
Please note that I was given this product for free in return for an honest review. All views, opinions, inactive fathers and toddler chasing exercise regimes are my own.

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