Exciting new challenges!

This year, I made my usual start to the summer where running is concerned. I entered a half marathon in June, knowing full well that I probably wouldn’t have trained enough, but that I’d probably manage to get round. Sure enough, that was exactly what happened. As the summer went on, I became a bit more enthusiastic about my fitness and started trying to find a different challenge each month. July was a triathlon, August was an aquathlon, and now I’ve entered my events for September and October. What fantastic events they are too! 

In September I’ve got two runs planned and, for the first time ever, both of them are at night! The first is just a 10km trail run in a forest, which was exciting enough until I heard about the second one. By chance last night, I stumbled across the “Beat the Bore” run in Gloucestershire. Not only is it a seven mile run at night along the banks of the river Severn, but we will be getting a 15-20 minute head start on the Severn Bore, a massive wave that sweeps down the river Severn a few times a year. The aim is to reach the finish before the wave! I’ve seen the bore once and it is truly awe inspiring. Racing against it, at night with a head torch on, awesome. October will bring an even bigger challenge of a seven mile run on the Malvern hills. Virtually none of the course is flat and it is described as “definitely not a fun run”! Oh heck! 

As you can imagine, challenges like these call for some proper equipment. For my night runs, I will be investing in a really, really good head torch. I’ve never owned one before so if you have any recommendations, please do leave a comment. The main bit of equipment that I will be relying on though is my brand new D+ Flexi Wire sports bra that arrived at the weekend. Woop woop! 

I have already run twice in it. One was a short, mainly flat 5 KM, just a jog around the block to try it out. That went fantastically well, the bra is incredibly sturdy and pretty much cuts out bounce altogether. 

The second run I did was more challenging. I ran 8.6 KM with my husband, not far but it was still a challenge. The reason being- the first 2 KM was up a really steep hill. From then on, the whole run was either uphill or downhill. This is exactly the sort of run that tests a bra properly. I have to admit I was a bit concerned that an under-wired bra might not be comfortable for running, particularly a rather extreme run like this. My concerns were mainly based around the fact that I once ran the London Marathon in the wrong bra. I still have the scars. I’m pleased to say though that on this occasion, my concerns were totally unfounded. 

As is my usual experience with Shock Absorber, the bra took the challenge in its stride. It was comfortable throughout, it didn’t rub and I didn’t notice the under-wiring. I will definitely be wearing it for all the challenges I have lined up over the next few months. Bring it on! 


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