Getting back to fitness!

My baby is finally due a week on Saturday. Much as I’m fairly certain she will be late like her sister, I’m definitely in the final month of my last ever pregnancy and I can’t wait for it to be over! For the last few months, I’ve been planning what to do about my fitness after having the baby. Whilst I managed to continue running, and even managed a 10k night run in early pregnancy, I haven’t run for over a month now, so training has been reduced to long walks and swimming. 

This has given me a bit more thinking time to decide the best way to get fit after having the baby. When I had Libby, I did a triathlon just three months after giving birth. I then did another triathlon, a half marathon and an aquathlon before getting pregnant again. This time though, I’m going to be starting up a new business, looking after a toddler and a newborn and there is no way I have time to train for long distance running or cycling. So here’s my plan. 
For the next 18 months, I’m going to focus on aquathlons. These generally consist of a 1500m open water swim, followed by a 5km run. Training will consist of one water polo session a week (for speed and fun), one sprint running session, one distance run and two 5k runs. Once a week, I will also do some strength work in the gym, followed by a swim. 
As I will be breastfeeding, looking after both children full time and running a business, this is going to be hard work. I’m also out of practice when it comes to the gym, so here are my plans for what will be in my gym bag: 
1. Water! Hydration is the most important thing when training, and the importance only increases when breastfeeding. 
2. Nutrition. This is the other thing that is incredibly important when training, particularly when breastfeeding as you use an extra 500 calories during the day just by feeding. I don’t get on particularly well with sports drinks personally, although I know that they are a godsend for a lot of people. For me though, it’s all about energy bars. They’re great for replacing calories between the gym and the pool or at the end of the workout. In fact, I swear by them so much that I’ve got a couple in my hospital bag to keep my energy up during labour. 
3. Towel. Lets face it, this isn’t going to be pretty. I hate seeing women in the gym who look beautiful and don’t break into a sweat, they give us all a bad name. So if that’s you, please stop it. Work up a sweat or go home, if you’re just there to socialise, go for a cup of tea instead. Thank you. 
4. Headphones. Our gym has great equipment that you can watch the TV on if you are clever enough to remember your headphones. I have never remembered them, ever. This time, they’re going in my gym bag from day one. 
5. Mobile phone. In case of emergencies. Whether that’s a home emergency (incompetent husband alert) or a gym emergency (overweight mother of two attempting to workout – I might collapse). I always feel happier when the phone is nearby, so as long as it doesn’t ring I can relax and concentrate on my workout. 
So there it is, I’m ready! Now to get this baby out! 
Here is Libby modelling the free bandanna from last year’s aquathlon! 
This post was sponsored but the views, opinions, lack of fitness, gym bag essentials and desire to evict baby number two are all mine! 

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