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Despite being delighted I’ve got Libby and equally delighted that my next offspring will be here next year, I’m absolutely certain there won’t be any more after that. The fact that we will have two  children quite close together in age and the fact that there will be no more are both for a purely selfish reason. I want my life back. Before getting pregnant with Libby, I was doing all sorts of sport, most recently some quite big triathlons. Whilst I managed to get back into running and swimming a bit after having Libby and did a couple of small triathlons and a half marathon, I never really got back to normal. That’s why after the next baby, I will be going all out to get fit and healthy. My aim is that in a few years time, I would love to do an Iron Man triathlon. So here are the 5 steps that I’ll be following to get my fitness back as soon as I’m able to. 

1. Say goodbye to the baby weight! 

This pregnancy I’ve really struggled to keep up with exercise. I’ve been exercising once or twice a week but that really isn’t enough to keep the weight off. My top tip for getting rid of the baby weight that worked last time is breastfeeding. I intend to continue to exercise lightly throughout my pregnancy and then get back to it ASAP after the birth. This combined with breastfeeding got me back to my normal size and weight within a few weeks after having Libby. 

2. Hydrate

This goes along with the breastfeeding and exercise, both of which are horrendously draining and even dangerous if you don’t drink enough water. I didn’t keep myself as hydrated as I should have when Libby was tiny and I really noticed the difference in my energy levels as soon as I clocked on to what I was doing wrong. 

3. Diet

No, I don’t mean I’m going to go on a diet. I just mean that diet is an incredibly important part of getting back to fitness and this time I intend to be a bit better at being healthy. I’m going to eat less sugar and not get back into the habit of having a glass of wine every night. I’m aiming for wine and sugary things to be treats, not the norm! 

4. Up the training

With my ultimate goal in mind of completing an Iron Man in a few years time, I need to get quite quickly back to doing a decent amount of miles in swimming, cycling and running. I’m not too bothered about swimming because I know I’ve got the skills in that to keep going as long as I’m fit – years of competitive swimming have made sure of that. Running isn’t too difficult to up the mileage either, I did a half marathon in June this year so I haven’t lost my running ability completely. Cycling though is a different matter. I’ve really lost my confidence on the bike, I hate the clip-in pedals, I’m petrified of falling off and the miles in my legs are long gone. I think I might take up spinning classes to supplement my outdoor training so that there really is no excuse for not getting out there. 

5. Sports nutrition 

This is something I really haven’t quite got the hang of yet, but I know that I need to if I’m going to up my distance. The sugary gels and drinks just don’t really work for me although I know they work wonders for some people. As a vegetarian, I think it’s really important to make sure I’m getting enough protein when doing huge distances. The protein options available on this site look great. I particularly like the look of these protein shakes that are suitable for vegetarians and perfect for grabbing quick and easy protein and carbs. 

So raise your alcohol free glass and nutritious sports drink, here’s to getting fit again! 

This post was sponsored but the views, opinions, yearning to get back to fitness and the occasional pre-pregnancy slip up (who needs a glass anyway?!) are all mine! 


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