Things aren’t as bad as I thought…

Over the summer, I was doing really well at getting back my fitness levels after having Lia. I didn’t have much on work-wise so I had some time to sort myself out and get back to my normal weight. Unfortunately the last few weeks, things have gone downhill rather rapidly. 

I am lucky enough to have a friend who drags me out for a run every week, whatever the weather. I also make every attempt to go swimming and fit in another run each week, but the last few weeks have been tough and I haven’t managed it. Sleep deprivation and generally feeling sorry for myself have led to me hitting the junk food – and avoiding the scales. 

Like most females, a couple of weeks like that (and throw in a Domino’s this evening), and I have convinced myself that I have blown up like a balloon and I must contain at least 107.4 % body fat. Luckily for me, this rather splendid little device has arrived to put my mind at rest. 

2014-11-22 17.45.58-1

No, not the toddler (who announced this evening that I had a fat belly – thanks Lib) or the Minnie Mouse onesie, I was thinking more of the Ozeri Touch digital bathroom scale, which has informed me that I am in fact within the correct weight and body fat composition range for my height. Hand me another mince pie. 

I have always had a bit of an issue with the whole concept of basing our entire self-image on a little number on the scales. This fails to take into account so many factors such as bone density, muscle composition and hydration. The Ozeri Touch obliterates these concerns by telling you your percentage fat, percentage muscle, hydration level and bone density. There is also a nifty little feature that prevents the necessity to set it before stepping on. 

Of course, in order to activate all of the features, you need to go on the scale in bare feet, no Minnie Mouse onesies allowed. 

Please note, I was sent a digital bathroom scale free of charge for the purpose of a balanced review. Views, opinions, overeating, lack of exercise and toddlers are all my own. The Minnie Mouse onesie isn’t, that’s Libby’s and she’s rather proud of it. 


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