Where has my motivation gone?

As my runkeeper on my phone keeps kindly reminding me, this time last week I was running 6  miles in the best time I’ve done in ages. I was feeling quite positive about the half marathon I’m doing in June and was convinced I must be losing weight. Sadly, this week it has all gone wrong. Work has been really busy, Libby has been poorly, the weather has been cold and rubbish and, quite frankly, I couldn’t be bothered. 

To add to my sedentary lifestyle, I managed to drag myself out once this week to exercise. This involved a two hour drive to play in a water polo match that turned out to be the worst match I’ve ever played in. It’s fairly normal to get sent out when playing Water Polo, it’s not like football or rugby where you get sent off for quite a while. In water polo you just get sent out for 30 seconds or until the ball changes possession. The only problem is, if you get sent out 3 times then you’re out for the rest of the match. 

By half time on Monday night, I had been sent out twice already so I decided to go in goal for the third quarter. This did the trick, you’re fairly out of the way in goal so I managed not to notch up any more fouls against me. Unfortunately, I then decided to swap out of goal again for the final quarter and got sent out within the first few seconds of that quarter. This meant that I was out for the rest of the game. As it happened, I was the second of our team to get excluded for the rest of the game, so by that time we only had seven players in the water and no substitutes. Minutes later, another of our team got her third major foul and joined us on the side of the pool. That meant just six players in the water, one less that there is supposed to be. As you can imagine, we lost that match with a goal score of “quite a lot” to “not many”. 

So that was the end of my physical activity for the week. Looking outside at the snow, sleet, rain and wind just hasn’t inspired me to go running. I’m playing water polo again tonight, hoping that this will give me the inspiration I need to get going again this week. I could still fit in a run tomorrow and a swim Tuesday before going off to Paris on Wednesday. I will be back at a reasonable time on Thursday so I could fit in another run or swim them. I just need someone to give me a motivational kick. If anyone has any words of wisdom to inspire me, I would be most grateful to receive your comments! Thanks 🙂



  1. March 24, 2013 / 2:50 pm

    Some of the best advice I’ve heard was “Don’t let a slip become a fall.” Just because you’ve had a rough week, don’t give up on yourself or running. On that note, I’ve also read (several places) that sometimes you have to give yourself a pass. Don’t let running become a chore or else it will be hard to stay motivated in the longer term. Hope this helps…

  2. Natalie Ray
    March 24, 2013 / 3:10 pm

    Thanks Jessie… I have outstayed my welcome on my “pass” now, time to get moving again 🙂

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