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What to pack for a family holiday

Single travellers visiting Beaches may have their backpacks full of clothes, food, and electronics. But parents have a whole different set of things to think about. The first thing most parents pack is a first aid kit. Here are a few other things you might want to consider.

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1. Driving license

Forgetting your driving licence really could ruin your holiday. Unless you’re not planning to drive a hire car on holiday, you’ll need to have it with you. It’s also advisable to take a photocopy of the license and even scan a copy into your email.

2. Chargers

Chargers can be easily forgotten when preparing for a family holiday. You may want to charge electronics for 24 hours before you leave, making it easier to remember both devices and chargers.

3. Insurance details

Accidents do happen on holiday at Sandals and even kid friendly getaways, so you need to have your insurance details available. This will allow you to phone your insurance provider and have full details available. This is as important to remember as your first aid kit.

4. Wallet and handbag

Your wallet will normally contain cash alongside debit and credit cards. You’ll need it to ensure financial freedom during the holiday. In certain countries, your cards may not work so it’s always worth taking cash as well.

5. Keys and cameras

It’s a good idea to collect up everybody’s keys and cameras early on in the packing process. Let children take responsibility for handing their own camera to you. It removes a bit of the pressure from you as the main packer!

6. Baby and toddler wants and needs

Remember baby and toddler essentials like a baby carrier, favourite cups and bottles, wipes, nappies, bibs, food, creams, toys, extra clothes and blankets. Entertainment is key for toddlers. Think about games, books, colouring, toys, cuddlies, a children’s camera and a toilet seat or potty.

7. Travel cheques, hotel reservations, e-tickets

If bookings are made online, print them out and have copies readily available. Remember you’ll need access to any travel club or points cards as well. It may even be worth taking a photocopy of birth certificates for the whole family.

8. Essential documents

Of course a passport counts as essential, but you may also need evidence of vaccinations. Alongside these, it’s worth packing local guidebooks, visas, proof of vehicle rental and directions to your resort or hotel.

9. Personal hygiene items

Don’t forget the basics like suncream, after sun, body lotion and hair brushes. Deodorant, toothpaste, floss, women’s hygiene products and baby products can all be packed with these too, alongside any eye drops and medication you need.

10. First aid kit

It may be the first thing you think of packing but don’t forget to actually put the first aid kit in! You’ll need allergy medication, hand sanitiser, tweezers, painkillers, anti-diarrhoea tablets and of course plasters and bandages.

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Don’t forget the right clothing and accessories for the weather as well. And do pack the odd thing for unusual eventualities because the weather is often less predictable than you anticipate.

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