Closing in on my dream home… but how will I keep it clean?!

For the last couple of years, we’ve been in the unenviable position of paying two mortgages because we still had my husband’s flat and had no tenants in it. We’ve recently sold the flat subject to contract and hopefully in the not too distant future, we will finally be able to put a bit of money into doing up the house. 

I love where we live, it’s a great location with lovely neighbours but I’ve always wanted to do something a bit more exciting with my garden. There is a big area out the back that I would love to deck and the natural progression would be to have some nice big patio doors opening out onto the decking. I particularly like the bi folding patio doors but I’m aware that they do take some cleaning. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of great cleaning tips both for the glass and the frames in preparation for starting our home improvements. As it will be a while until we will get our fabulous patio, I thought I’d share the tips on here. Hopefully someone will get some use out of them and they’ll be here ready for me when I need them. 

1. Baby wipes! 

I know, I’m such a typical mum but they really do clean EVERYTHING! My mum had a stain in her carpet that an industrial carpet cleaner wouldn’t remove but a few baby wipes and a bit of elbow grease soon solved that. Unsurprisingly then that even the toughest grime on window and patio door frames can be easily wiped clean with a few baby wipes. I wouldn’t use them on the glass because they’re a bit smeary but for the frames, they are a dream. 

2. Steam cleaner

We bought a steam cleaner a few years ago, mainly to do the carpet and to strip the wallpaper. It has turned out to be great for cleaning many other things such as tiles, the hob and of course panes of glass. It will be ideal for cleaning patio doors and relatively quick too. 

3. Coca cola

Sometimes, patio doors or their frames can end up with a stubborn stain on them that very little will shift. Interestingly though, there is very little that coca cola won’t dissolve. Dab some onto the stubborn stain with a sponge and try to leave it there. This can be somewhat difficult with an upright surface like a patio door, but it is worth spending a bit of time to reapply it if necessary because if you can keep it there, the stains will undoubtedly disappear. I have also used this to de-ice my car and clean away rust and burnt bits from the bottom of a saucepan. I suspect this will become particularly relevant when Libby wants to help me with the cooking. She’s already working out how things in the house work, as demonstrated with the phone! 

This post was sponsored, but views, opinions, phone addicted children and grand home improvement ideas are all my own! 


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