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Moving on

Eleven years ago next week, I bought the house that we still live in now. I was only 23 and it’s a big house, so when I first moved in I was rattling around in here on my own. Several house mates, three dogs, three cats, two children and a husband later and we’re finally considering moving on. 

The house itself is ideal for our family, and the garden is slowly shaping up to be just the way we want it. The location is lovely, we have a fabulous view of the hills and our neighbours are all lovely. My dad, brother and sister live across the road, my mum and another sister live a short walk away. The house really does have everything going for it. But… 

And sadly, it is a very large and important “but”. The local school that Libby would have to go to just isn’t a place that I’d like to send her to. My good friend Maz recently wrote a blog post about the tough decision that they have had to make when it came to educating her oldest boy, who they are going to home educate. I think this is a wonderful decision, particularly as she has also struggled to find a satisfactory local school, she is a teacher and her son is incredibly gifted and will thrive under his mum’s teaching. 

For us though, we are lucky enough to live in an area where there are good local schools if we move just a few miles down the road. I’m not a teacher and I know that school will suit Libby and I would love her to go to a small village school. In particular, I’d love her to go go my old school in the beautiful village of Colwall if at all possible. So whilst we’re not looking to move immediately, we are starting to look around now so that if our ideal house suddenly appears on the market, we will be ready to go. 

It is such a long time since I’ve bought a house that the property websites these days have astounded me. When I bought this house, I just found it in the local paper. How different things are now! Companies like Strutt & Parker who offer property for sale in London provide swanky looking websites with photos that can be enlarged so that you can see what the house is really like without needing to walk around it. 

So for now, we are working hard to get our house up to standard. The decking is done, new windows and patio doors are going in next week and we are enjoying our gorgeous new (second hand off ebay- I like to recycle!) leather sofa, as modelled by the girls. 

The next things to do are new flooring, kitchen and bathroom. I only hope that when it’s all done, we can find somewhere else that we love just as much that’s near to a nice school. I will miss this house, but Libby and Lia’s education is much more important than my sentimentality towards bricks and mortar. 

N.B. I will be given a small gift for writing this post, but the views, opinions, plans to move and regret at having to do so are all mine. As an aside, I have no idea what hubby was doing behind my head when I took this photo, he won’t tell me. But the girls were clearly fascinated by it! 


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