Traditional… or contemporary?

I think this sunshine is starting to go to my head! We’re still dodging showers here at the moment, but when the sun puts in an appearance, it’s lovely and warm. This time last year I was heavily pregnant and we’d recently moved back into my house from my husband’s flat and were making the most of having a garden. This meant that we’d already had about 6 barbeques by the end of April. Sadly this year, it’s a different story.

Not only has the weather been somewhat lacklustre this year, my motivation for being out on the patio has massively dwindled. It’s a lovely sun-trap and it’s always great to be outside, but I’m just not feeling the love for the dated paving slabs surrounded by concrete. We’ve got a nice new patio table but that just isn’t enough to reignite my patio love. It’s time to bring out the big guns- we need some outdoor decking.
So, picture the scene. We live in a semi-rural area with our small patio backing straight onto an overgrown nature reserve. From the patio, we have a fabulous view of the hills. What sort of decking do I go for? Traditional?
Or contemporary?
I absolutely love the contemporary ones, but I think that the traditional would fit more nicely into our garden, particularly with the nature reserve at the back and the view of the hills. What do you think? I would be really grateful if you would just leave a quick comment below just saying traditional or contemporary. If we have an overwhelming majority in favour of one or the other, I think this might save any arguments in our house!
Disclaimer- this blog is sponsored but the indecision, clapped out patio, potential for household arguments over the decking and beautiful view of the hills are all mine.

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