Interviews With Pets Chapter 5 – Holly Bobbins’ Story

Holly Bobbins read Bracken’s Story last week and commented on Twitter about what a beautiful dog he was. I thought this was a particularly kind thing to say about a fellow canine, so I thought Holly Bobbins would have a tale to tell as well. As it happens I was right – she is the canine force behind Mandy’s photography blog and it turns out she’s quite the local celebrity! Over to you Holly Bobbins!Interviews With Pets Chapter 5 - Holly Bobbins' Story

1. What’s your name, what sort of animal are you and what makes you a brilliant pet?

My name is Holly Bobbins and I am a 2 and a half year old tri-coloured beagle, I am brilliant because mama says I am a comedy dog and I give her lots of hugs and cuddles, she says I mended her broken heart but I think she’s a silly mama sometimes, especially when she squishes my face and tells me I’m the best dog in the whole world although I am the best dog in the whole universe.Interviews With Pets Chapter 5 - Holly Bobbins' Story

2. Tell me about the person or family who live with you

I live with Mama Mandy, she’s a photographer and a writer, she loves taking my photo even if I’m not so keen, I will however pose in exchange for delicious treats or “de swucculent swossidges” I also live with Sister Looby and “Bwudda Iain” and I see Sister Abigail whenever she comes over too.Interviews With Pets Chapter 5 - Holly Bobbins' Story

3. Pets always choose their families for a reason so what do you love about yours?

My mama, she saw me on the Beagle Welfare rehoming list and she says it was love at first sight, I then went on a big journey from the rescue centre in Staffordshire all the way up to Newcastle where mama fell in love with me the moment I walked in the door, my mama writes about dog friendly things and so I get to go out with her a lot and I get to meet all of her lovely clients who often give me pats and rubs and sometimes companies even send me treats which mama has to write about.

4. Try as we might to find the perfect family, they never live up to our expectations. What do yours do that drive you mad?

My mama does not at all understand why I want to pinch all of the “swucculent swocks” and she is always saying to me “Holly Bobbins, you cheeky beagle, give me the socks back” well I can tell you, socks are very important, I love them and like to have a big box of socks at all times because you never know when there might be the next big sock shortage, mama will thank me then!Interviews With Pets Chapter 5 - Holly Bobbins' Story

5. What do your family love the most about you?

Everything, because I am the best beagle in the world, I can do all kinds of tricks and I can even do the conga with Sister Looby when they bring out the ham, I’m a very talented beagle you know.

6. What do your family do that they’re really proud of?

My Mama works really hard running her own business and she helps other ladies in business, sometimes people even call her inspirational but I don’t know what that is, when they say it though she gets all glowy and often gives me extra loves so it must be a good thing.Interviews With Pets Chapter 5 - Holly Bobbins' Story

7. What do your family do that make you proud of them?

I love that my mama changed her business to include me when I was adopted, I love that I get to go on adventures on the bus, train, boats, I have even been in the first class section, I am a very important beagle you know, once someone even recognised me in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh much to mamas surprise, they had been reading her blog and asked if I was “The Holly Bobbins” well of course I gave them a pawtograph.

8. How can humans resolve the tragic truth that so many pets are unwanted or mistreated?

Do you know that some beagles live in labs and are still tested on for medicines and cosmetics, their little paws never ever feel the grass and they never feel the sunshine on their fur, there are petitions you can sign and you must as well as rescuing a dog instead of getting one from a puppy farm where the sad poorly doggies come from.Interviews With Pets Chapter 5 - Holly Bobbins' Story

9. It is said that pets don’t live as long as humans because they don’t have as much to learn. What words of advice do you have that humans could learn from?

Well you know, we beagles are clever and I think we should teach the humans to be like dogs, just have a bit of a sniff and then run around with new friends in the park every day and then come home for big sleeps, cuddles from our families and maybe have a little bit of cake!

10. What are little things make your family one in a million? 

My mama has a heart as big as the biggest frying pan which is handy because you can cook “de swucculent swossidges” in a frying pan and Mama loves to cook and feed her friends which means everyone comes to visit and Mama has the happiest house in the whole of the north, Mama says I am her doggy soulmate and she won’t even consider dating a man unless they have passed something called “The Holly Bobbins Test” let me tell you, no one will get past me unless they are very special and going to cuddle my mama as much as I do.

Interviews With Pets Chapter 5 - Holly Bobbins' Story



  1. November 21, 2016 / 6:26 am

    Beagles are my favourite dog ever, we used to have one ourselves. I love the name Holly Bobbins and what a lucky dog going on these adventures. Lovely to meet you Holly Bobbins 🙂 X

  2. November 21, 2016 / 8:33 am

    I think I’m now in trouble because I’ve never let Holly blog on my blog and really she’s way better at this than I am, my only worry is that now we know about the great sock shortage we may go and panic buy socks!

    You’re a very clever beagle Holly Bobbins and Mama loves you to little tiny pieces and really, it’s your heart that is bigger than a frying pan!

  3. November 21, 2016 / 11:30 am

    Aw lovely. Holly Bobbins is gorgeous and a secret favourite of mine as is her mama. Lovely interview.

  4. November 21, 2016 / 1:51 pm

    Oh Holly Bobbins, you are the most beautiful Beagle I have ever seen. Your Mama is as lucky to have you as you are to have her x

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