Friday Feature #8

Anyone who has started up a new business will understand how difficult it is to get things going on a budget. Sadly, this can often mean cutting corners in terms of both quality and ethics. 

That’s why I was honoured to be asked to feature a brand new company who only use eco-friendly, pure and natural ingredients. 

If you use scented candles or oil burners or are looking for something for mother’s day (like me!) then this is for you. 

Tarts With a Heart make handmade, eco friendly soy wax melts. You use them like oils in an oil burner, placing them in your melt burner and lighting a tea light underneath it. 


These beautifully simple products are made from sustainable soy wax with none of the nasty chemicals added to most scented candles (yes really, those expensive ones you buy? Nasty). 

They last for around eight hours or more and the scents available on their website look divine. They also sell the tart warmers and their mother’s day bundle looks amazing. (Note to husband – yes you, the one who bought me a birthday card on behalf of the kids last mother’s day – this is a *HINT*)

I can safely say that even a big hint in capital letters won’t work on my husband, perhaps I’ll get a condolences card this year. My mum on the other hand might well be receiving some of these. 

As you may know, I like to feature a charity alongside my Friday Feature company each week. As a start up company, Tarts With a Heart are still building their business with a view to supporting charities in the future. 

However, the owners personally support a local charity that is very dear to their hearts (pun intended). Their chosen charity which I’d like to tell you about is LOROS, who provide hospice care for the terminally ill in Leicestershire. 

LOROS care for more than 2,500 terminally ill people in their local area. They also provide support to family and carers and give people the choice between being cared for in the hospice or in their own homes. 

I think that the freedom to have end of life care in your own home where possible is really important, not just for those being cared for, but also for their loved ones. 

I was stunned to read that in addition to 300 paid members of staff, the charity have 1000 active volunteers. They fundraise in a variety of ways in order to raise the £4.5 million it takes each year to keep them going in addition to money provided by the NHS. 

If they are local to you, please do take a look at their website if you think you might be able to help them with a donation or as a volunteer. 

Please note, I have not tried the products from tarts with a heart and have no personal connection to LOROS. This post is not sponsored. I only feature ethical companies in my Friday features who I think deserve a mention. Please do get in touch if you know of a great company that you can recommend for me to feature. 


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