From budget to bank busting… my bucket list!

I think everyone should have a bucket list. In my usual fashion though, I have never managed to put my mind to writing one. I hope I don’t kick the bucket before I get round to it! Money Supermarket are running a competition that has made me think though. They are challenging bloggers to come up with bucket lists that include one budget item (saving us money in true Money Supermarket form) and one “money is no object” item. I’m up for the challenge so here are the top five things on my bucket list from budget to bank busting!


  1. Budget item: Malvern Hills Ultra Marathon. This ultra marathon is on my doorstep, literally. It only costs £55 to enter and I wouldn’t even have to pay for transport to the start. However, I think it is very obvious why I won’t be ticking this off my bucket list. I ran one marathon 10 years ago, in London where it’s nice and flat. I had a baby 12 months ago and managed to drag myself slowly around a half marathon last weekend. An ultra marathon is a long way off in my training regime. At the moment the maximum distance for this one is 52 miles. In the future, it will go up to 100 miles. I can only dream of running that far but I do hope that one day I will manage to put the training in and compete in the 52 mile race.
  2. Ironman triathlon. A slight increase in cost- generally around the £200 to £300 mark for a UK ironman. This item is still along the same lines as the ultra marathon in my book though- I just wish I was fit enough! I have done a few triathlons and I’ve got another one coming up in a fortnight. I love the olympic distance but being able to step it up to ironman distance would just be such an amazing achievement. The event consists of a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile cycle, followed by a 26.2 mile run (a marathon).
  3. Learn to ski. This is notably more expensive than my first two items, I’d be looking to spend around £8000 for a family holiday to do this. I know that I could have a couple of skiing lessons quite cheaply at a dry ski slope, but I have to admit I’d like to do it in style! I have been doing quite a lot of work recently promoting Whistler in Canada as a holiday destination. I’m not sure if I have convinced anybody else, but I have definitely convinced myself! I would love to go on a two week ski holiday there and come back a better skier than my husband… he’d hate it!
  4. A family holiday to follow the British Lions tour. Cost- at least £10,000. My husband and I are both rugby fans but, sadly we only ever support the same team once every four years… yes you’ve guessed it, I’m English and he’s Welsh. We went to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand for our honeymoon. Unfortunately, neither of us were willing to compromise on which team we went to watch so we arrived in New Zealand, spent a wonderful afternoon swimming with dolphins and then went our separate ways. Hubby met up with his friend and they went to the North Island to watch Wales and I met up with my friend and went to the far South of the South Island and we watched England. So aside from an amazing holiday to the Southern Hemisphere to enjoy some fantastic rugby, this bucket list item would mean family unity, camaraderie and agreement. You can’t put a price on that!
  5. A camper van and a year off work to travel around the world as a family. Cost- at least £100,000. This is a dream that my husband and I have had for a while. Whilst it comes at the end of my bucket list due to cost, it was the first thing that sprung to mind when I was thinking of things I would like to do. A second hand camper van that is big enough for us all, and reliable enough to travel for a year without worrying about it breaking down would set us back at least £30,000. The fuel to do the travelling, plus paying for the campsites, living expenses and doing everything we wanted to do along the way would easily be another £50,000. Plus we would still have bills to pay at home and we wouldn’t be earning, so that’s another £20,000 at the very least. What this would mean to me is the time to spend with my family, enjoying ourselves and teaching Libby about the world. We would go to all the places we’ve ever wanted to go. From the little village in Germany called Oberhamersbach where my ancestors were from, to the Taj Mahal in India, to Machu Picchu in Peru. We would learn about the people, the language and the joy of travelling. Of course, we would bring Pluto and Soxa with us, they are part of the family too!

So that’s my bucket list, what’s yours? I would love to hear what my sister Emma would have on her bucket list; despite being sisters we couldn’t be more different in the things that we enjoy! I would also like to hear what two old friends, Maz and Claire would have on theirs.



  1. Marianne Hopwood
    July 3, 2013 / 8:30 pm

    That is an impressive list. the skiing thing – my brother lives near the Xscape in Milton Keynes. They have ‘real’ snow there and it’s well worth a visit, even if you just go tobogganing xxx

    • Natalie Ray
      July 3, 2013 / 8:59 pm

      Sounds great! I learnt to snowboard at the tamworth snowdome but have never got around to getting on skis!

  2. Mary De Bastos
    July 7, 2013 / 7:56 pm

    I’d love to take a camper van and just go where the wind blew me! I’d love that lifestyle for awhile. I think you’d be able to see so much and learn so much about yourself. Plus it would be cool to share the experience with family and friends.

    Great list! Good luck!

    • Natalie Ray
      July 8, 2013 / 10:06 pm

      Thank you Mary. Wouldn’t the camper van thing be amazing? I hope we both manage to do it one day 😉

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