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Getting back out there

When I was pregnant with Libby, I distinctly remember chatting to a few friends about the fact that I was looking forward to going for a night out after I’d had her. I’m talking a big night out, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, London, somewhere like that. Starting early, drinking all night until around 6 am and getting the first train home. Well needless to say, it’s now over two years later and I’m still waiting for my night out. 

These days, my sights are set a little lower. For nearly three years, I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding without a break. I’ve had a few tame nights out but nothing major. These days, I enjoy going to the theatre or having a few drinks in our local pub. The last few times I’ve done this have been with Libby, taking her to see something she would enjoy at the theatre like the panto, or having a pint at our local while she had a beetroot and apple juice (I know it sounds odd, but beetroot and apple juice is lovely). 

Whilst I’m not ready for going out to the theatre yet, last night I decided that I was going to go for a swim. The previous few evenings Lia had been asleep by 9 pm, so I’d set my sights on going out when she nodded off. Unfortunately, she had other ideas. She fed all evening virtually without a break so I didn’t manage to leave the house, but at least she then gave me a solid 7 hours sleep. 

When we do go to the theatre again, hubby and I have discussed the fact that we want to see a few more comedians. Some really good people come to Malvern, probably the best comedian I’ve seen there was Lee Evans, who was doing a warm-up gig. He is now touring again and will be playing the O2 in September and October. I’d happily see him again, and Milton Jones, Hugh Dennis and John Bishop are also on my list. Not wishing to be controversial, but there are very few female comedians who I actually find funny. The one person who really does amuse me though is Sarah Millican. I also have a lot of respect for her after she dealt so well with the awful internet trolls who criticised her appearance. 

I’m really hopeful that this time next year, I will at least be able to go out occasionally for an evening with hubby. But in the meantime, we’re enjoying days out as a family and drinks on our decking so I have nothing to complain about. Plus, who could be annoyed at this little face for keeping me at home? 

N.B. I will be given a small gift for writing this post, but views, opinions, dream nights out and an apparently unreasonable desire to leave the house one evening are all mine. 


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