Getting ready for a summer of sport!

I know that I am slightly guilty of harping on about sport too much on my blog, but it’s the one thing that I really love to do with my spare time. The other thing that you might have noticed is my timing when it comes to having babies. Libby was born in June 2012, which meant that most of my maternity leave was spent watching the Olympics and Paralympics slaving away looking after her. If I’m honest, we even managed to make it down to London to watch some fabulous Olympic water polo. By some strange coincidence, I find myself on maternity leave again, this time with the Commonwealth games coming up! So here I am, settling down for a busy summer of sport and here are the eight gadgets that this sports fan will need this summer.

1. An all singing, all dancing TV. We have a large, flat screen television, but unfortunately we don’t get 3D or HD. I wouldn’t usually be too bothered, but there are fabulous sports on TV this year and I may actually get the opportunity to watch them. Therefore when I win the lottery, we’ll be upgrading! 

2. Fabulous trainers! If there is anything that gets me motivated to go running it’s watching sports on TV. Next year, I intend to do some aquathlons so my training will start as soon as possible post-baby. These are my current favourite trainers, I reviewed them on my blog last year and they’re lightweight, comfortable and great for any sport. 

3. Sporty console controllers. For anyone who is into gaming, this year will have you taking the step to being a sporty gamer. These Sports PS3 Controllers are a great start, they are all geared up to being the best at sports gaming. This summer, whatever you are doing it’s all about the winning! Competitive? Me? Never! 

4. A sports watch. This is my must-have this summer. I don’t need it, but I really, really want it. It needs to track my speed, distance and time for running, swimming and cycling. It needs to motivate me to go faster than my husband ever before and get me ready for the following summer when I intend to be competition ready again. 

5. An electronic score board. Again, I don’t need this but we have only recently got a manual score board at our water polo club and having an electronic one would make such a huge difference to us when we’re in the water. 

6. Great open water swim goggles. This summer is going to be hot. No, I haven’t looked at the weather forecast, I’m just owed a hot summer on maternity leave because the last one was rubbish. Anyway, for me, hot weather means one thing – open water swimming. If the water is warm, you can get away with just a swimming costume and there’s no need to invest in a wetsuit but good fitting, clear open water swimming goggles are essential. 

7. Waterproof headphones. For any swimmer, the worst thing about training is the boredom. Imagine running for hours on end without your ipod, well that’s what us swimmers have to put up with. Fortunately, it is now possible to get both waterproof music players and headphones, fabulous. 

8. An activity band. If you don’t have time to fit in dedicated training sessions, it is really useful to know how much exercise you’re doing just by chasing around after a toddler, walking the dogs and doing general household chores. The only option used to be a pedometer, but these days you can get much more exciting gadgets like this fuel band from Nike. 

So those are my essential gadgets for the summer, now to get this (increasingly overdue) baby out and get sporty! 

Disclaimers; 1. yes, this photo is me, no I don’t currently look like this – picture the person in the photo but having recently swallowed a space hopper. 2. This post is sponsored but the views, opinions and crazy obsession with having babies to coincide with major sporting events are all mine. 



  1. Debbie
    May 4, 2015 / 3:01 pm

    Hi Natalie, hope you got your sports watch. I wouldn’t be without my Forerunner, my biggest fear is it packing up and not being able to afford a new one as I’ve had it a few years now.

    I am no triathlete, maybe if I lived in the UK and was a few years younger I’d give it a go. I do enjoy running/plodding and cycling though. I have a subscription to watch the Triathlon World series, which helps focus me when I am running/plodding.

    I’m never very keen on getting new running shoes as we can’t get our feet tested here, when I do find shoes that work for me I tend to buy a few pairs. Anyone who has had to witness me and my husband (who I will never run with) getting excited over shoes say it’s very sad!

    • monsterid May 4, 2015 / 9:06 pm

      Thank you Debbie, I have a garmin 10 now, I love it! I do find that it’s sometimes beneficial to go without it though, when I get too into what’s on the watch and how well I’m doing, I do forget to enjoy my run. I’m very into barefoot shoes now, totally love getting new ones!xx

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