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It’s the small things after all

I love a challenge. Usually it’s a physical challenge like beating my husband in a half marathon, beating my husband in an open water swim, beating my husband in a triathlon… you get the picture. Today though, I’m taking part in the #MorningWin Challenge sponsored by Belvita.

Blogging, on the whole, is more of a relaxing pass time than a challenge, but Britmums and Belvita have thrown down the gauntlet by asking people to write about a small victory that makes the morning better. I love a post that really makes you think!

So I started off by thinking about my best morning ever. Of course, there’s the mornings when I had Libby and Lia. Wonderful though it was to welcome my daughters into the world, I don’t think I would describe either of those as my best morning ever. After all, I was in agony, initially unable to walk and stuck in hospital.

So after much deliberation, my best morning ever has to be the day I woke up in a hammock in the jungle in Venezuala.

Aside from being pretty pleased to be on the holiday of a lifetime, my small victory of the morning was one of the best ever. I had just been informed that the deafeningly loud roars that had woken us up were in fact howler monkeys not monsters. Result!

That got me thinking about how much things have changed, and how a small victory these days is notably more low key. In fact, I had a minor little victory this morning.

I love working from home, it’s the right thing for me because it means I get to spend as much time as possible with the children. Waking up each morning and being there for them instead of having to rush them off to nursery so I can go to work is a victory itself. I don’t think this counts as a minor victory though, because having returned to work initially when Libby was just three months old, being able to spend every day with my children has to be regarded as a momentous victory.

The one thing that does slip with working from home though is sleep. I work in the afternoons when they nap and sometimes I manage to get a bit done when hubby is home from work. Most of my work is done in the evenings though, and last night was no exception. When the children were in bed (a little later than usual), Jamer and I settled down to do some work.

As tends to be the case when we’ve had a busy day, I had a fair bit of work to catch up on, so I ended up working until 1.15 am. Lia woke me up for a quick feed at about 4.30 am and usually, we are woken up by hubby’s alarm at around 7 am. Today though, hubby was off to work a little later, both girls were having a lazy morning so I was still watching the back of my eyelids until 8 am. This, I feel, is a minor victory!

Another thing that I always feel is worth celebrating is when I manage to get both girls up, dressed and off to their morning activity on time. This is rare. BelVita breakfast biscuits help, as Libby will eat them nice and quickly so breakfast is done in a jiffy and off we go. Unfortunately, we liked the new apricot, chocolate chip and hazelnut flavours a little too much and we’ve run out so my minor victory was thwarted by turning up late at their singing group and missing Libby’s favourite song.

This brings me on to the final thing that I regard as a small morning victory. A cup of tea and a biscuit in bed. On hubby’s days off, everyone troops into our room and one of us goes and makes some tea and gets some biscuits. When we’ve got belVita’s, that’s breakfast done and dusted and we’re ready to head out for the day. These are Libby’s favourite mornings, and quite frankly, I think they’re my favourites too.

So, perhaps it’s a sign of my age but these days, the best mornings are the ones that see the small victories. Hence the title – it’s the small things after all. If you now have the irritating song stuck in your head, I’m genuinely sorry, particularly because it’s stuck in my head too.




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