Our Nickelodeon top 5

Since joining the NOW TV blog squad, Nickelodeon has been a bit of a revelation. We are really enjoying the variety of the programs and the fact that over on their website, there are games they can play that are associated with the shows.

The girls are still quite young for some of the shows on the main Nickelodeon channel, but luckily on NOW TV, we also have the option of watching the Nick Jr channel.

For Lia in particular, this has really sparked her interest. Predominantly due to the presence of a certain Dora the Explorer. So, here are our top five shows, they are a combination of Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.

1. SpongeBob Square Pants

Even before having children, I was aware of SpongeBob Square Pants, he is world famous after all. But we’d never really watched the series before and now that we have NOWTV, the girls are starting to get really into the chirpy yellow sponge and his underwater world. Luckily, there is a SpongeBob marathon box-set on live and on catch-up from 10 am to 4 pm every day on Nickelodeon.

2. Dora the Explorer

Lia has always loved Dora the Explorer, but she has previously discovered her via books rather than television. Finding Dora on the television was a source of great excitement for Lia. What I like about Dora is that there is a learning element to it due to the use of occasional Spanish words. I think language skills are so important for children and introducing it casually like this is ideal. Dora is on the Nick Jr channel.

3. Dora into the City

Whilst Dora is very much Lia’s thing, Libby has got quite into Dora into the City. The thing I love about this one is that Dora works hard to give back to her community, something I am trying to instil into the girls. For Libby, giving some pocket money to charity was the first step and Dora into the City helps her to see that there are other ways of helping people too. This is also available on the Nick Jr channel.

4. Nick Flicks Films

On the afternoons when Libby isn’t at nursery, she can get a bit bored if I am having to work and Lia is asleep. It is lovely for her to be able to sit down with her dad and watch a film. The films are on live on the Nickelodeon channel every day from 1 pm, perfect timing for Libby.

5. Alvinnn!!!

Another Nick Jr favourite and I have to admit that this one is somewhat influenced by me. I remember Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoons from my childhood and I seem to remember they were even recording songs back then. So, when I saw Alvinnn!!! on Nick Jr, the children were obliged to watch it. They didn’t mind and it seems that the cheeky chipmunks will be a part of their childhood viewing too. What Nickelodeon and Nick Jr shows do your children enjoy?



We are members of the NOW TV blog squad and this post is written in collaboration with NOW TV and Nickelodeon. All views, opinions and guilty viewing pleasures are my own. What?? I just thought the girls might enjoy Alvin and the Chipmunks. I was right after all!

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